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VW Confirms 2020 U.S. Launch of All-Electric SUV

Crossover will be based on I.D. Crozz concept.

by on Nov.29, 2017

Volkswagen plans to bring an all-electric sport-ute to the U.S. in 2020 based on the ID Crozz.

As it continues to shift away from diesels to battery-electric vehicles, Volkswagen has confirmed plans to introduce a new all-electric SUV in 2020 that will target the U.S. market.

Based on the I.D. Crozz concept first unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show last April, the new ute will be one of 30 battery-electric vehicles the German maker plans to introduce worldwide by 2025. VW said last week it is investing over $40 billion to support that push, as well as the development of autonomous and fully driverless vehicles.

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The launch of the I.D. Crozz-based SUV and a battery-electric microbus dubbed the I.D. Buzz “will help Volkswagen to kick off an EV revolution in the United States,” said Hinrich Woebcken, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America. (more…)

Volkswagen Bolstering Product Line-up in Brazil

Carmaker readying for emergence from economic doldrums.

by on Nov.20, 2017

Volkswagen officials unveiled the new Virtus sedan for the Brazilian market.

Brazil has been something of a conundrum for automakers.

It is one of the world’s largest automotive markets, but the country’s economy was in the doldrums until this year. So as carmakers waited for the country’s economy to come back to life, they settled for a long game that has pushed the return on investment out into the future.

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General Motors elected to hold on to its Brazilian business despite losses that would have seemed to have put the operations on the chopping block just like Opel. (more…)

VW Investing Over $40b on EVs, Autonomous Vehicles

German automaker ups ante in increasingly costly tech battle.

by on Nov.17, 2017

The VW I.D. Crozz concept will become a production battery-electric SUV.

Volkswagen AG said Friday it will spend over 34 billion Euros, or $40 billion between now and 2022 on electrified powertrain technology, autonomous vehicles and other futuristic concepts, aiming to leapfrog key competitors like General Motors and Toyota.

VW already announced plans to offer electrified variants of every model sold by its dozen passenger car brands, including 50 all-electric models, between now and 2025. It also is developing electrified commercial vehicles.

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“We are laying the foundation for making Volkswagen the world’s number-one player in electric mobility by 2025,” Chief Executive Matthias Müller said. “The entire automotive industry is facing fundamental changes in the coming years, which will provide great opportunities, but also require us to put in tremendous efforts.”


VW Spending $11.8B to Meet China’s EV Mandates

German maker playing catch up with other companies.

by on Nov.16, 2017

VW plans to have two dozen fully electric vehicles, like this I.D. Crozz concept, in production.

To satisfy tough demands of China’s political leaders, Volkswagen AG has announced plans to spend $11.8 billion by 2025 to develop and build all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for Chinese customers.

China is by far Volkswagen’s largest single market and Volkswagen AG and Audi AG, intends to launch 15 of the so-called new energy vehicles models during the next two to three years as it rushes to meet the demands of the Chinese government, which is moving to address the discontent about pollution in China’s cities.

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General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Daimler AG have all bowed to the pressure from Chinese authorities in one form or another to build more electric vehicles for the Chinese market. In addition, Tesla is negotiating to build a plant in China.  (more…)

German Investigators Raid VW Headquarters — Again

Query focusing on payments to Works Council leader.

by on Nov.15, 2017

Volkswagen AG's headquarters was raided once again by German investigators.

German authorities again raided Volkswagen AG’s headquarters looking for information about potentially illicit payments to the head of the company’s Works Council.

Investigators searched the offices of supervisory board chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch, finance chief Frank Witter, and human resources head Karlheinz Blessing, a Volkswagen spokesman said. Files and computers were seized, according to the Reuters.

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The raid was related to suspicions of overpayments for works council chief Bernd Osterloh, the spokesman said. Osterloh’s office was also searched, Reuters reported.  (more…)

EU Plans Big Cuts in CO2 Emissions; Move Will Accelerate Race to Electrify

Proposal would cut exhaust emissions by 30% -- which automakers label “overly challenging.”

by on Nov.09, 2017

The EU's current target for 2021 would equal 54 mpg. That would jump 30% by 2030.

With some of the world’s toughest emissions rules already in place, the European Commission wants to crack down even harder on CO2, the gas primarily blamed for global warming.

This week’s announcement comes at a time when a number of European countries, as well as some major cities, are planning their own crackdowns on emissions. Several nations, including Norway, the UK and France, have either laid out plans to ban the internal combustion engine entirely or are studying such moves.

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Currently, the EU is set to trim CO2 emissions to just 95 grams per kilometer by 2021, equal to fuel economy of about 57.4 miles per gallon, for passenger cars. For light commercial vehicles the target is 147 grams.


VW, Google Pair Up to Use Quantum Computers

Companies looking to resolve traffic problems, artificial intelligence.

by on Nov.07, 2017

Volkswagen and Google engineers in San Francisco are using quantum computing to attack traffic optimization efforts.

Volkswagen AG and Google announced plans to partner up to use quantum computers to improve traffic flow, develop new materials and create artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles.

The pair will use quantum computing, which is still early in its development, taking advantage of the quirks of quantum physics to perform calculations at far higher speeds than current computers.

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Specialists from each company will work together using Google quantum computers, developing algorithms and simulations. (more…)

Feds Approve Fix for VW’s 3.0-liter Diesels

Move will avoid buyback of 38,000 SUVs sold in U.S.

by on Oct.23, 2017

A VW Touareg with the 3.0-liter TDI is part of the automaker's diesel scandal and has been approved to be repaired.

Volkswagen has been given the go ahead to repair about 38,000 VW, Audi and Porsche SUVs equipped with 3.0-liter turbodiesels the German maker had originally rigged to illegally pass U.S. emissions tests.

Earlier this year, U.S. and California regulators approved similar repairs for about 326,000 VW and Audi products using a 2.0-liter diesel engine that had also been altered. All told, VW has admitted using “defeat device” software on nearly 500,000 diesel vehicles sold in the U.S., and more than 11 million cars and trucks sold worldwide.

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It has since agreed to about $30 billion in fines and penalties, though the approval of a fix for the larger engine could save the German carmaker as much as $1 billion, according to a letter released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today. (more…)

VW Set to Charge Up Pike’s Peak

Maker is “literally electrified” by EV racer set to challenge 12.4-mile hill climb.

by on Oct.19, 2017

Volkswagen is ready to show off its electric vehicle expertise by racing up Pike's Peak.

Few automakers are doing more to plug into the emerging market for electrified vehicles than Volkswagen, the German company announcing last month it will invest $20 billion to develop a vast fleet of hybrids, plug-ins and pure battery-electric vehicles.

The big question is whether there’s a market for all those new models, so VW is taking a page from the Automotive Marketing 101 handbook and tweaking it ever so slightly. “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday,” goes the old adage. And if it works for classic, internal combustion vehicles, why not try it for your battery cars, as well?

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So, VW is giving us a first look at the all-wheel-drive battery-electric that it will use to challenge the grueling Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb next year, Sven Smeets, Volkswagen’s Motorsport Director telling us, ” Our team is literally electrified about taking on this incredible challenge” — which happens to mark the first time in 30 years the company will have campaigned at the Pike’s Peak Climb. (more…)

VW Latest to Target EV Heavy Truck Market

Move poses another threat to Tesla.

by on Oct.12, 2017

Volkswagen will be competing with the likes of the Nikola One heavy-duty rig, which will be able to travel up to 1,200 miles on a tank of hydrogen.

Volkswagen plans to invest about $1.7 billion to develop a new range of high-tech trucks, much of that going into the development of battery-based vehicles, the maker said today.

VW becomes the latest on a growing list of manufacturers planning to develop electrified trucks, something that could pose yet another challenge to battery vehicle maker Tesla. The California-based company is developing an electric semi-truck, though it has again delayed the introduction of a prototype until next month due to problems with the launch of its new Model 3 battery-sedan.

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The German company has already committed to spending about $20 billion on electrifying a broad range of its passenger car line-up, and it says it now sees tremendous opportunities on the truck side. Working with affiliate Navistar International, it hopes to introduce an electric medium-duty truck in North America by late 2019 or early 2020, according to VW Truck & Bus chief Andreas Renschler. (more…)

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