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UPS Buys Electric Delivery Vans for European Cities

Delivery company keeps up history of using alt-fuel vehicles.

by on May.10, 2018

UPS is working with UK tech firm Arrival on the development of new battery-electric delivery vans for Europe.

UPS has announced that it is working with UK-based technology firm Arrival to develop a pilot fleet of 35 electric delivery vehicles that will be tested in London and Paris.

Both cities are moving towards tighter restrictions on vehicles with internal combustion engines and zero tailpipe emission, lightweight composite vehicles have a battery range of more than 150 miles.

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The range is considerably better higher than other EVs currently in service, UPS officials said. (more…)

UPS Orders 50 Battery-Electric Delivery Vans from Workhorse

Competition in the segment heating up.

by on Feb.22, 2018

UPS ordered 50 battery-electric vans from Workhorse Group. The company has 35,000 trucks that could be replaced soon.

Companies around the globe have been hustling to develop and produce a viable electric delivery truck, and it appears there is a winner: Workhorse Group Inc. The Ohio-based company just entered into a contract with UPS to replace 50 of the company’s delivery trucks.

“We see this vehicle as being a game changer in the electric truck arena,” Carlton Rose, UPS’ president for global fleet maintenance and engineering told Reuters. The deal calls initially for 50 trucks with a range of 100 miles each.

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However, the company has more than 35,000 vans that could be replaced as time and technology improve. UPS didn’t make the move due to some altruistic motive — at least not solely. (more…)

UPS Jumps on Tesla Semi Bandwagon with 125-Truck Order

Company already had partnership with EV maker.

by on Dec.20, 2017

UPS is the latest company to place an order – 125 trucks – for Tesla electric semi truck.

The popularity of Tesla’s not-yet-on-the-road semi continues as UPS became the latest company to plunk down big money to place an order. UPS wants 125 trucks, Tesla’s largest order to date.

The truck, which was unveiled in November, provides unparalleled performance, such as a zero to 60 time of five seconds unloaded and 20 seconds with a full 80,000-pound load. It features an simplified interior where the driver sits in the center of the cab and streamlines all of the information and data a driver needs into two simple screens.

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Tesla’s founder and CEO Elon Musk said the company will begin producing the trucks in 2019. (more…)

Brown Goes Green – Fleets Push High Tech Envelope

UPS boosting use of alternative powertrains; fleets also explore driverless tech.

by on Jun.30, 2017

UPS has experimented with a variety of powertrain alternatives, and now wants more on the street.

United Parcel Service says it wants more of its big, brown trucks to go green, the company planning to use alternative fuels and other clean, energy-saving technologies in about a quarter of its trucks by 2016.

That is expected to included everything from propane to battery-power, as well as LNG, battery-electric hybrids and even hydraulic hybrid powertrains. UPS isn’t alone, however. A growing number of fleet operators are looking at alternate powertrain technologies, as well as other high-tech systems such as driverless vehicles, which could help reduce costs while also improving the environment.

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“Because of our size and scale, we know our commitments can shape markets, advance technologies and be a catalyst for infrastructure investments,” said UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney.


UPS Launches World’s First Hydrogen Delivery Truck

“An essential step” to see if fuel-cells can work “on a commercial scale.”

by on May.02, 2017

One of the two new hydrogen-powered trucks UPS plans to begin operating in California.

UPS is putting two hydrogen-powered delivery vans on the road, the latest sign that fuel-cell technology is moving out of the lab and onto the road.

The two Class 6 vans – developed, in part, as part of a program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy – will be joined by 15 other hydrogen-powered vans by the end of 2018. UPS has been tinkering with fuel-cell technology for more than a decade as part of a broader push into energy alternatives that could reduce both the emissions and fuel costs for its vast fleet of delivery vehicles.

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“We have a long history of developing and promoting the use of more sustainable alternative fuels with our Rolling Laboratory, and hope that by bringing our unique expertise to the development of hydrogen fuels, we can help advance the technology” said Mark Wallace, UPS senior vice president global engineering and sustainability.”



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