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Ford Worker Files Charges against UAW

Claims union collects for non-core activities despite opting out.

by on Aug.21, 2014

A Ford hourly employee filed charges against the UAW with the National Labor Relations Board.

The UAW may be getting an early look at possible changes in the dues it collects from its members as a Ford hourly worker filed charges against the union with the National Labor Relations Board over how much it collects from him.

Todd Lemire, a tool-and-die maker in Dearborn, wants the UAW to collect enough to cover only expenses related to the organization’s core activities, such as collective bargaining, grievances, etc. He doesn’t want to pay for the union’s participation in political activities, specifically its support of the Democratic Party.

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He opted out of paying dues for those activities through his Beck rights, a 1988 Supreme Court decision allowing union members to exempt themselves from paying for those activities. Lemire opted out in early April. (more…)

Contentious Vote Gives UAW Dues Hike

King orders second vote after first ends in a deadlock.

by on Jun.04, 2014

Delegate Eden Shultz from Local 2110 speaks on a proposed constitutional change during debate on Tuesday in Detroit. Photo credit: UAW.

The United Auto Workers approved a dues increase for 391,000 members, but the two-and-a-half-hour debate during the union’s quadrennial Constitutional Convention underscored the dissatisfaction within the union ranks over the two-tier pay system that now prevails in much of the auto industry.

“We need to have a war chest if we’re going to be serious about breaking the two-tier system,” said Brian Schneck UAW Local 259 in Hicksville, New York, who spoke of in favor of the increase that boosted dues from two hours wages per month to 2.5 hours per month.

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The vote was closer than the union’s executive board might have liked. When UAW Bob King called for a voice vote it failed to pass as the opponents shouted out their opposition. The increase was approved a few moments later on show of hands. (more…)

UAW Braces for Pushback over Proposed Dues Hike

Leaders note other unions have raise dues in recent years.

by on Jun.03, 2014

Outgoing UAW President Bob King is asking union members to approve a hike in their dues. It would be the first increase since 1967.

The United Auto Workers will take up the contentious issue of raising dues as the UAW’s convention moves into its second day in Detroit.

The union has not raised dues since 1967 while other unions, such as the United Steel Workers and Teamsters, have raised dues over the last decade. The UAW has been slow to follow suit, said Bob King, the UAW’s outgoing president.

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Top union officials have been discussing the dues increase, which would boost dues from the current two hours of wages per month to two and a half hours of wages, for the past several months. But they have admitted to getting some push back from unhappy members. (more…)

Struggling for Cash, the UAW May Raise Dues for 1st Time Since 1967

Membership down by nearly 75%.

by on Dec.03, 2013

The UAW is considering raising its membership dues for the first time since 1967.

Its membership tumbling sharply and a long-running effort to organize foreign-owned makers still in limbo, the United Auto Workers Union is looking at the possibility of raising its dues by 25% – for the first time since 1967.

While still considered the richest of America’s unions, the UAW has faced increasing troubled in recent years, with membership declining, organizing efforts stalling and rising costs forcing it to slash expenses. Despite an estimated $1 billion in assets, there have been ongoing concerns about the UAW’s long-term viability, as well as its political clout.

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According to a report from the Reuter’s news service, the Detroit-based autoworkers union would like to raise dues by as much as 25%. For the average worker, that would amount to paying the equivalent of 2.5 hours wages per month, up from the current 2 hours. Dues vary depending upon pay grade, however, so if the increase is approved, a veteran line worker at one of the Detroit Big Three would pay about $70.32 a month, while a recently hired employee on a second-tier pay scale would shell out around $39.45. (more…)

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