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Gas Prices Fall as Autumn Hits US

Hurricane Nate having no impact on gas prices.

by on Oct.11, 2017

Gas prices continued to fall last week despite Hurricane Nate making landfall.

Even though another hurricane swept across the Gulf of Mexico this past weekend, the average price that consumers pay for gasoline dropped again this week, according to AAA.

AAA reported that motorists are paying on average six cents less for a gallon of gasoline on the week with all states seeing prices at the pump either drop or hold steady.

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The national average is $2.49 per gallon, which is 18 cents cheaper than a month ago just after Hurricane Harvey had slammed in the Texas coast near Houston. The latest Energy Information Administration report shows gasoline demand at 9.2 million barrels daily, down 281,000 barrels per day from the week prior. This rate suggests that retail gas prices are showing steady promise of returning to pre-hurricane rates, AAA said. (more…)

US Gas Prices Continue Weeks-Long Slide

Less than 1% of gas stations charging $3 a gallon.

by on Aug.03, 2016

Gas prices continue to fall as oil prices globally remain low.

With the global market awash in oil, American motorists continue to enjoy the benefits of relatively low fuel prices, which have dropped steadily since the start of the summer holidays, according to AAA.

Prices at pumps nationwide have fallen since early June by 25 cents per gallon with the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline has declined to $2.13 per gallon, the lowest level in the past 100 days and the lowest price in early August since 2004, AAA reported.

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AAA also said the price is three cents less than one week ago, 15 cents less than one month ago and 52 cents less than the same date last year as prices across most of the country continue to slide during the peak road-trip season due to abundant supplies. (more…)