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Donald Trump Rebuked After False Jeep Claims

Senior Chrysler VP offers unfiltered response.

by on Nov.02, 2012

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet. Donald Trump repeats discredited Jeep China claims.

Days after Chrysler and General Motors rebuked GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for incorrectly claiming they were transferring production – and jobs – from the U.S. to China, professional limelight seeker Donald Trump jumped into the fray.

The self-declared mega-millionaire ignored evidence to repeat claims about Chrysler, in particular, that had been used by the Romney campaign in an effort to win crucial votes in the swing state of Ohio, Trump tweeting that Pres. Barack Obama, “is a terrible negotiator. He bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China — and will!”

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In an unvarnished reply, Chrysler Vice President Ralph Gilles, the maker’s head of design and director of its SRT division, shot back, “You are full of shit.”

Gilles followed with a second Tweet, “I apologize for my language, but lies are just that, lies.”