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Tesla Loses Big Money in 2017: $1.96B

Model 3 production issue escalate expenses, offsetting record revenues.

by on Feb.07, 2018

Production of the new Model 3 has run into some snags, according to Tesla.

Tesla reported its revenues rose in the final quarter of 2017 to $3.3 billion, which was better than last year’s Q4 result of 2.3 billion. However, the increased revenue also brought a bigger loss of $675 million, or 4.01 a share, compared with $619 million, or $3.70 a share.

For the full year, revenue rose 55.7% to $11.7 billion due in large measure to achieving record sales results for its Model S and X electric vehicles; however, the company still lost money for the year and is well behind early production goals for the Model 3.

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The company lost $1.96 billion, or $11.83 a share, this year compared with $694 million, or $4.68 a share, in 2016 as its operating expenses were nearly double from the year-ago figure. (more…)

Buoyed by Strong Sales, Narrowed Loss, Tesla CEO Musk “Very Confident” About Future

“Zero concerns” battery-carmaker will miss next year’s 500,000 vehicle production goal.

by on Aug.03, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he believes the company will have 25% profit margins on its Model 3 by late 2018.

The company may still be operating in the red, but Tesla’s improved second-quarter financial report helps set the goal for aggressive production ramp-up that could give it industry-leading profit margins in little more than a year, CEO Elon Musk said during a Wednesday evening teleconference.

Musk said he has grown “very confident” about the future of the California-based automaker, especially as he watches a flood of orders rush in for the new Model 3 battery-electric vehicles that went into production last month.

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Despite repeating a warning that the next six months could bring “manufacturing hell” for Tesla, the South African-born entrepreneur insisted it will pay off in the not-too-distant future. “People should have absolutely zero concerns – zero – that Tesla will be able to hit 10,000 vehicles a week by the end of next year.” (more…)

More Worries as Tesla Strains Finances Rushing to Launch Model 3

Stock analysts as analysts issue new warnings.

by on Feb.27, 2017

Investors are growing increasingly worried about Tesla's finances, sending its stock tumbling again.

Tesla shares took another sharp dip on Monday, continuing a decline triggered by the maker’s weak fourth-quarter earnings, and the admission by CEO Elon Musk that the battery-carmaker’s finances were “getting very close to the edge.”

Shares were off 4.2% at the end of Monday trading, to $246.23, as Goldman Sachs became the latest to turn on Tesla, analyst David Tamberrino downgrading the maker’s stock from “neutral” to “sell.” The market turned bearish when, last week, Tesla reported that it lost $121.3 million, or 78 cents a share, during the final quarter of 2016.

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That might have been taken in a more positive light, considering that was less than half the $320.4 million deficit posted during the fourth quarter of 2015. But Musk struck a cautious note when advising analysts and media during a conference call that the company has been burning through cash at a frantic rate as it prepares to introduce its new Model 3 sedan over the summer. (more…)

Tesla Posts Q4, Full-Year Loss

Company says Model 3 launching in July, full volume in September.

by on Feb.22, 2017

Tesla's Elon Musk dismissed concerns about possible delays involving the Model 3, which is slated to begin production this summer.

Tesla’s founder and leader Elon Musk dismissed concerns about the much-anticipated launch of its mainstream vehicle, the Model 3, this summer, noting the substantive differences between it and the preceding vehicles.

Musk noted during the maker’s Q4 earnings call, that the Model 3 is a much less complicated vehicle than its predecessors, lacking some of the gee-whiz technology like the self-presenting door handles.

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Additionally, the company has a track record of success, in terms of production, so suppliers are providing the company with their “A-teams,” making for fewer problems and constraints. Finally, he noted that it’s the company’s fourth time through process and the learning curve will reflect that. (more…)

Tesla Either Lost $16 Million or Earned $46 Million in Q4

EV maker set new sales record for quarter with 6,893 units.

by on Feb.19, 2014

Tesla reported a record number of units sold for Q4: 6,893 vehicles. The company sold 22,477 for all of 2013.

In a surprise to no one, Tesla’s fourth-quarter earnings were a mixed bag, depending upon what kind of “bag” you want to use: non-GAAP or GAAP.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based EV maker reported net income of $46 million, or 33 cents per share, on a non-GAAP basis. Using GAAP reporting, which is typically the standard, the company lost $16 million, or 13 cents per share. The earnings include $15 million in regulatory credits, although no zero-emission vehicle credit sales, the company noted.

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It also secured $13 million in revenue from powertrain programs is has with Toyota and Daimler. Tesla officials noted the reason for providing both GAAP and non-GAAP results is “due to lease accounting for our resale value guarantee (RVG) and employee stock based compensation as a result of the increase in our stock price last year.” (more…)


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