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Honda’s New Robots Enhance Human Capabilities

New models look less like humans, but offer new abilities.

by on Jan.11, 2018

Honda's 3E-A18 robot displays simple and easy-to-understand facial expressions and can be touched, even hugged, by humans.

Forget BB8, R2D2 and C3PO. Honda’s new 3E robots are there to help you get your work done and, if you’re feeling a little blue, to give you a hug.

The Japanese automaker has spent nearly four decades developing humanoid robots like the bipedal ASIMO which can walk, talk and even pour a cup of coffee. But Honda is also working on more practical robot designs dedicated to specific tasks, like the 3E-D18, which can be put to use at a construction site, for fighting fires or on search-and-rescue missions.

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“We have entered an era when robotics will become increasingly visible and essential in our everyday lives and have the ability to unlock human potential,” said Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, president & CEO of Honda R&D. But, “Honda views robotics not as something in conflict with people, but as an opportunity to expand their potential.” (more…)

Yamaha’s Motobot is World’s First Autonomous Motorcycle Rider

Robot designed to help improve motorcycles for humans.

by on Nov.02, 2015

Yamaha's latest creation: Motobot, a motorcycle-riding robot aimed to help improve motorcycles for humans down the road.

Perhaps no motorsports series is as dangerous as MotoGP. Riders zig-zag around the track at blinding speed, often dragging their knees as they shriek around tight corners.

But Valentino Rossi, one of the most celebrated bike racers on the circuit, has been handed a challenge. It may not happen this year, or even the next, but Motobot has promised to beat the nine-time MotoGP champ.

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That’s all the more impressive when you realize Motobot is an “autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot” developed by Yamaha. Introduced at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, it looks a fair bit like a Star Wars Storm Trooper done up in a menacing blue. (more…)