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Magna Joins BMW-Led Autonomous Car Consortium

Canada-based supplier customizing computer systems.

by on Oct.11, 2017

Magna International's Swamy Kotogiri outlines the parameters of the autonomous vehicle deal with BMW, Intel and Mobileye.

Magna International Inc., one of the world’s largest auto-parts suppliers, is joining the consortium launched by BMW AG, Intel Corp. and Mobileye to develop fully automated driving systems by 2021.

Ontario, Canada-based Magna will help customize computing systems designed by the partners to integrate technology and customize the controller designed by BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye.

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“Many of the autonomy challenges the industry is facing can’t be handled in isolation,” said Magna’s Chief Technology Officer Swamy Kotagiri. (more…)

FCA, BMW, Intel and Mobileye Team Up to Develop Autonomous Vehicles

Tomorrow’s driverless cars bringing together some strange bedfellows.

by on Aug.16, 2017

Fiat Chrysler's Sergio Marchionne said the partnership with Waymo that produced the autonomous Chrysler Pacifica wouldn't be monogamous.

When Fiat Chrysler Automobiles linked up with Google spinoff Waymo last year, CEO Sergio Marchionne hinted it wasn’t going to be a monogamous relationship – and he wasn’t kidding. FCA today announced it will also pair up with erstwhile rival BMW, as well as tech firms Intel and Mobileye to work together on the development of autonomous vehicles.

The announcement is the latest in a series of high-tech tie-ups linking traditionally competing carmakers, as well as a mix of tech giants and ambitious start-ups. Just last week, for example, Intel entered a new alliance with Toyota, dubbed the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, which is aimed at driving more data into and out of tomorrow’s smart and autonomous vehicles.

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“In order to advance autonomous driving technology, it is vital to form partnerships among automakers, technology providers and suppliers,” said FCA Chief Marchionne. “Joining this cooperation will enable FCA to directly benefit from the synergies and economies of scale that are possible when companies come together with a common vision and objective.” (more…)

Intel Buying Smart Car Tech Firm Mobileye for $15.3b

Move positions chipmaker as key player in smart, driverless cars.

by on Mar.13, 2017

Based in Jerusalem, Mobileye was founded in 1999.

U.S. computer chip and processor giant Intel will acquire the Israeli smart car tech firm Mobileye in a deal valued at $15.3 billion.

Supplying such automotive giants as General Motors and Volkswagen AG, Mobileye is one of the key producers of the onboard vision systems that anchor current advanced driver assistance systems – as well as tomorrow’s autonomous vehicle technology. The acquisition will help position Intel as a major player in the development of smart and driverless car systems.

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“The acquisition of Mobileye completes a virtuous circle of growth,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said during a conference call on Monday morning, adding that he sees a natural fit between the two companies, combining the “eyes of the autonomous car with the intelligent brain that actually drives the car.”


BMW, Mobileye Partner on Data Generation for Navigation

Mobileye can provide information like road hazards, traffic delays, weather information and parking availability.

by on Feb.23, 2017

Mobileye's technological capabilities may help BMW bring this type autonomous system to market.

BMW Group and Mobileye have signed an agreement that will bring Mobileye’s Road Experience Management data generation technology into newly developed BMW Group models beginning in 2018.

The REM system developed by Mobileye can provide information like road hazards, traffic delays, weather information and even parking availability from individual vehicles, which it will pool in the cloud, and then make available to other motorists, giving them a way to supplement pre-existing static HD maps with to-the-minute info from real-world driving.

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The same data could be fed to autonomous vehicle systems in the future. Crowd-sourced real-time data using vehicles equipped with camera-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) technology is a critical enabler for autonomous driving through next-generation high definition maps aimed at making driving safer and more efficient for consumers. (more…)

Finger-Pointing: Tesla and Mobileye Shift Blame Over Autopilot Problems

Who catches blames for Autopilot failures?

by on Sep.16, 2016

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is trading barbs with former supplier Mobileye.

With one death clearly linked to the semi-autonomous Autopilot system and investigations underway in connection with several other crashes, one fatal, battery-carmaker Tesla has found itself under the microscope. So has Mobileye, the Israeli tech start-up that has been providing the camera-on-a-chip system used on Tesla Model S and X battery-electric vehicles.

Following the revelation of the first fatal Autopilot crash, Tesla and Mobileye announced they were parting ways, and that separation is growing anything but amicable. The battery carmaker has said the Tel Aviv-based Mobileye “could not keep pace” with advances in autonomous technology. But Mobileye founder and CEO Amnon Shashua is now firing back in words that almost call out Tesla for being reckless.

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The battery carmaker, he declared in an interview with the Reuters news service, has been “pushing the envelope in terms of safety” with its Autopilot system. (more…)

Model S Speeding at Time of Fatal Crash, NTSB Says

Tesla parting ways with Mobileye in wake of accident.

by on Jul.27, 2016

The NTSB determined that Joshua Brown's Model S was traveling at 74 mph in Autopilot mode when it struck a truck. Photo credit: NTSB

The Tesla Model S that crashed into a semi-truck while operating in Autopilot mode was driving over the posted speed limit for the road, according to a newly released report from the National Transportation Safety Board.

The agency said Joshua Brown’s Model S was traveling 74 mph with the Autopilot engaged when he collided with the truck, which was in the middle of turning on to the roadway. The speed limit for the road was 65 mph.

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“Tesla system performance data downloaded from the car indicated that vehicle speed just prior to impact was 74 mph,” the NTSB said in a preliminary report on its investigation of the crash. (more…)