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German Union Digging in for Tough Auto Negotiations

IG Metall preparing for industrywide strike as part of talks.

by on Jan.31, 2018

German workers are being prepared to take a strike vote in talks with automakers.

German carmakers and suppliers are in a major battle with IG Metall, the powerful metalworkers union, which is demanding higher wages and shorter hours. The negotiations are turning into the biggest confrontation between labor and management in more than a decade.

So-called “warning strikes” – short-term walkouts lasting no more than 24 hours – have already hit Daimler AG and Porsche this week as well as major suppliers such as Bosch and ZF. In all, an estimated 260 metalworking firms have been targeted by IG Metall and more than 120,000 workers at Volkswagen AG are poised to go on strike for 24 hours, starting Thursday.

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The walkouts, which stretch across Germany’s industrial centers, follow a failed set of negotiations, where neither the employers nor the union could agree on a formula for a new wage agreement, observers in Germany noted. (more…)

German Workers Readying for ‘Warning’ Strikes

IG Metall looking for 6% raise, special work schedules.

by on Jan.08, 2018

German workers are reading for a series of warning strikes this week.

More than 700,000 workers are taking part in “warning” strikes at employers all across Germany this week as the German Metalworkers union, IG Metall, pushes its demand for a hefty pay increase and a change in working hours.

Warning strikes are generally short in duration – one day is the normal length – and are used as part of the bargaining process. The walkouts, which began with a brief strike against Porsche in Stuttgart, are expected to hit every major German automaker: Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG and BMW as well key suppliers.

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IG Metall is seeking not only a 6% pay increase but also demanding the right for workers to temporarily switch to a 28-hour week to care for children or elderly relatives. Employers have argued such a drastic change in working hours would be illegal and have threatened to go to court to stop the industrial action. (more…)


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