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First Look: Hyundai Blue2 Fuel Cell Concept

Is a production car coming?

by on Mar.31, 2011

Hyundai hints the Blue2 fuel cell vehicle might be more than just a concept car

Remember hydrogen…as in fuel cells?  It wasn’t all that long ago that battery cars were kids to play with and environmentalists, regulators and automakers alike were talking confidently of the “hydrogen economy.”

Well, these days, the focus is on what the industry calls “electrification,” which takes in everything from mild hybrids all the way up to battery-electric vehicles.  And even though much of the government funding has been shifted from hydrogen to battery research, there are those who believe that fuel cells are still the ultimate – and eventual – solution to environmental and energy problems.

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Apparently, Hyundai is either in that camp or at least hedging its bets.  The maker will be pulling the covers off the new Blue2 fuel cell concept at the Seoul Motor Show, this week, and its promise to take “early leadership in the FCEV market” suggests that this is more than a work of fantasy-in-chrome.

The Blue-Square, as the Koreans tell us Blue2 should be pronounced, is a slick sedan incorporating Hyundai’s new “Intersected Flow” design language, which we’re left to wonder if this approach will replace the current “Fluidic Sculpture” theme that has been appearing in products such as the latest Hyundai Sonata and new Elantra.