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Fire Risk Forces Recall of 900k Honda Odyssey Minivans

Latest in series of Odyssey recalls.

by on Mar.17, 2014

A 2008 version of the Odyssey minivan.

While often ranked among the best of the market’s minivans, the Honda Odyssey minivan has faced a number of recalls for potentially serious safety-related issues in recent years, and it is being targeted by yet another, the Japanese maker announcing it will need to service nearly 900,000 of the vehicles due to a potential leak that puts the Odyssey at risk for fire.

While the maker says it knows of no fires or injuries so far, “Prolonged exposure to acidic chemicals and a high temperature environment may cause the cover of the fuel pump strainer to deteriorate prematurely in a manner that can result in cracks in the material.”

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If that happens, Honda said in a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is an “increasing…risk of fire.”  It can also lead to the smell of fuel in the vehicles.


Honda Testing Ways to Reduce Motorcycle, Pedestrian Crash Fatalities

High-tech solution could spot hidden obstacles.

by on Aug.28, 2013

Honda's WiFi-like system can spot motorcycles and pedestrians even when they're out of the line of sight.

While traffic fatalities have fallen sharply over the last decade, deaths involving pedestrians and motorcycle riders have remained stubbornly high. But Honda is experimenting with a new, wireless technology that could significantly reduce those numbers in the years ahead.

And unlike camera, radar and laser-based systems, the Dedicated Short-Range Communications, or DSRC, system the Japanese maker demonstrated this week can track pedestrians and motorcycles even when they’re out of the line of sight – hidden, for example, on the other side of a parked car or around a corner.

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The new systems are part of a broader array of Intelligent Transportation Systems that, “we believe will be the next step towards a crash-free car,” said Jim Keller, Honda’s Chief Engineer of Automotive Technology Research.


Feds Investigate 343,000 Honda Minivans

Problem could trigger another major recall for Japanese maker.

by on Jul.01, 2013

2007 and 2008 Honda Odyssey minivans are under investigation due to reported brake problems.

Just days after ordering a recall to fix problems with more than 140,000 of its subcompact Fit model, Honda is again under the microscope as federal regulators investigate potential problems that could cause the brakes on nearly 350,000 Honda Odyssey minivans to apply on their own.

The Japanese automaker has already recalled nearly 2 million vehicles so far this year and though it remains to be seen if the new investigation will lead to yet another safety-related service action, Honda already recalled 180,000 vehicles this year due to braking problems.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it launched the latest investigation involving 343,000 Honda Odyssey minivans produced during the 2007 and 2008 model-years after receiving 22 complaints of unexpected braking.  According to some owners, the vehicles suddenly slowed by as much as 30 miles per hour even though they tried to accelerate.


Honda Recalling Over 200,000 Vehicles for Shift Interlock Problems

Latest in an ongoing series of safety issues for maker.

by on Apr.18, 2013

The new Acura flagship, the RDX sedan, is one of the vehicles covered by the latest recall.

Already hammered by a series of recalls that have so far involved well over a million vehicles since the beginning of the year, Honda has added another 200,000 sedans, crossovers and minivans to the list, the newest recall involving problems with the maker’s shift-interlock system.

The new recall comes as a particular embarrassment for the maker’s luxury drivision, affecting the recently launched Acura RDX, which was intended to put a high-tech halo around the brand.

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About 17,500 of the 2013 Acura RDX sedans are covered by the recall, along with 128,000 Honda CR-Vs and 59,000 Odyssey minivans, the latter two models sold during the 2012 and 2013 model-year.


Honda Recalling 250,000 Vehicles for Braking Problems

Campaign targets Pilot, two Acura models.

by on Mar.14, 2013

The 2005 Acura MDX is one of three models targeted by Honda's latest recall.

Honda continues to be plagued by safety-related problems that have resulted in it being at the top of the automotive recall list in recent years – the latest announcement targeting 250,000 vehicles sold worldwide due to potential brake problems.

More than 180,000 of the vehicles impacted by the new recall were sold in the United States through both the flagship Honda, as well as the upscale Acura, brands.  Some of the vehicles were sold in Japan, Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world, according to the maker.

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According to Honda, “If ann electrical capacitor on the VSA control unit was damaged during manufacture, the VSA system could malfunction and apply a small amount of brake force for a fraction of a second, without any input by the driver.”


Honda Recalls 750,000 Vehicles for Airbag Defects

Missing rivets, safety devices might not deploy in crash.

by on Jan.18, 2013

Recent versions of the Honda Pilot (shown here) and Odyssey are covered by the new airbag recall.

After having the second-highest number of recalls for any maker operating in the U.S. market, Honda is getting off to a rough start for 2013, this time announcing it will recall nearly three-quarters of a million vehicles because missing rivets could case their driver’s side airbags to fail to properly deploy in the event of a crash.

The latest safety-related problem involves 748,000 of the maker’s popular Pilot crossover Odyssey minivan models. Another 29,000 of the vehicles sold in Canada are also covered.

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It’s the latest in a series of problems Honda has had with airbags that have now resulted in the recall of several million vehicles in recent years.  That includes one problem in which airbags could inflate over-aggressively, causing shrapnel to fire into the passenger compartment.


Toyota Again Topped Recall List in 2012

Overall industry tally rose 4.5% last year.

by on Jan.08, 2013

Toyota paid a record fine for illegally delaying the recall of the Lexus RX line last year.

For the third time in four years, Toyota Motor Corp. recalled more vehicles than any other automaker operating in the U.S. market during 2012.

Toyota’s various safety-related service actions involved a total of 5.3 million cars, trucks and crossovers last year, nearly half of those in a single recall involving potential vehicle fires.  That problem pushed the Japanese giant past Honda, which led the recall list in 2011 and came in second in 2012 with 3.9 million vehicles involved in such safety campaigns.

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But the industry, on the whole, called back 16.2 million vehicles last year, a list that also included motorcycles, trucks and RVs. That was a 4.5% increase over 2011, according to a study of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data by the Detroit News.


Honda Adds 800k More Vehicles to Rollaway Recall

Maker’s recall count approaching 3 million for Q4 alone.

by on Dec.12, 2012

The 2004 Honda Pilot is one of three models impacted by the maker's latest safety recall.

American Honda plans to recall more than 800,000 minivans and crossover-utility vehicles to address a problem that could cause the vehicles to slip out of park and roll away.

The Japanese maker, traditionally known for its high quality, reliability and customer satisfaction has been slammed by an ongoing series of recalls in recent years and appears to be on track for the dubious distinction of having more vehicles involved in safety-related callbacks than any other manufacturer operating in the U.S. for the second year in a row.

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The issue involves the ignition interlock, a device intended to ensure that the key can only be removed when a vehicle is firmly shifted into Park.  But the mechanism in the vehicles covered by the recall could wear over time and allow the key to be removed when the transmission is in Neutral or some other gear, allowing the vehicle to roll away and a crash could occur — possibly leading to injuries or even fatalities.


Honda Targeted in Another Safety Probe

Hyundai Santa Fe also under investigation.

by on Oct.12, 2012

The 2005 Pilot is the latest Honda model under a safety investigation.

After a steady, decade-long decline, the number of automotive recalls has taken a surprisingly sharp jump over the last several years – most analysts pointing to the backlash over Toyota’s unintended acceleration scandal that, in 2009 – 10 led the maker to call back 14 million vehicles.

While Toyota this week announced its largest single recall ever – 7.5 million vehicles, a third of those in the U.S. due to a potential fire hazard – it’s cross-town rival Honda that has been especially hard hit by safety issues over the last two years.  And the situation only appears to be getting worse.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is opening an investigation into 87,000 Honda Pilot SUVs sold during the 2005 model-year.  The safety agency has received complaints that suggest the Pilot’s electronic stability control system may suddenly act up, leading to deceleration, with steering pulling to one side. Making matters worse, the complaints indicate the brake lights don’t illuminate which could lead to a rear-end collision – especially in a situation where vehicles have been reported coming to a near-stop from highway speeds.


As Honda Keeps Racking Up Recalls Will it Tarnish Maker’s Quality Reputation?

Honda logs 3 big recalls in one week – impacting 1.7 million vehicles.

by on Oct.08, 2012

The Honda CR-V -- a 2006 shown here -- has faced a number of recalls this year.

It was a busy week for Honda, the maker announcing three separate recalls impacting 1.7 million vehicles – even as federal safety regulators revealed a new investigation that could eventually lead to the recall of yet another 600,000 Honda minivans and SUVs.

The latest developments put Honda firmly on track towards repeating last year’s dubious achievement as the maker to recall the most vehicles in the U.S. market. Of a total 15.5 million vehicles recalled in 2011, 3.8 million of them carried badges for Honda or its luxury brand Acura. This past week’s recalls alone accounted for nearly 45% of last year’s total.

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Even before the latest series of recalls was announced, George Peterson, chief analyst with AutoPacific, Inc., warned that Honda “needs to be worried” about the impact the ongoing series of recalls could have on its traditional reputation for building some of the market’s highest-quality products.