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General Motors Ignition Switch Death Count Rises to 30

Feinberg approves two more claims for benefits.

by on Oct.27, 2014

Kenneth Feinberg, administrator fo GM's victims compensation fund, approved two more claims for death benefits.

The number of deaths attributable to General Motors’ faulty ignition switch in 2.6 million recalled vehicles has risen to 30. The count has steadily increased since Aug. 1, when the maker acknowledged 13 deaths.

The automaker established a victims’ fund, which is administered by Kenneth Feinberg, to compensate victims and their families for deaths and serious injuries. Feinberg began accepting claims on Aug. 1. In addition to the deaths, Feinberg approved the claims for 31 injuries.

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Four of the injuries are “Category One,” which includes physical Injuries resulting in quadriplegia, paraplegia, double amputation, permanent brain damage or pervasive burns. (more…)

Six New Recalls at GM – All-Time Record for US Industry

Latest problems involve 7.6 mil vehicles sold in the States, most for ignition key issues.

by on Jun.30, 2014

The 2014 Cadillac CTS is just one of 7.6 million vehicles named in a recall by General Motors today.

Hours after the details of a new victims’ compensation program was announced for those killed or injured as a result of an ignition switch defect, General Motors has revealed it will stage another six separate recalls covering 7.6 million vehicles sold in the U.S.

That move not only brings to nearly 26 million the number of GM vehicles recalled since just the beginning of the year, but also brings to nearly 39 million the overall tally of vehicles recalled by all automakers operating in the U.S. this year, exceeding the previous annual record by almost 15% – and in just six months.

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The vast majority – nearly 7.4 million of the vehicles covered by the latest GM recall blitz involve what the automaker describes as “unintended ignition key rotation,” a problem in which a driver can inadvertently nudge the key or key ring and turn the car off. If that happens, it will likely lose its power brake and steering assist while the airbags would be disabled. GM says it knows of seven crashes, eight injuries and three fatalities related to the latest recalls, all in vehicles with the ignition key problem. (more…)

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