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Flexibility Will Drive Success of Autonomous Vehicles

Needs of owners will lead to customization of self-driving cars.

by on May.11, 2018

GM's Mike Abelson suggested that self-driving cars, like the Cruise AV, could be redesigned to customer wishes in the future.

Automakers appear to have moved on from if they can produce self-driving vehicles to what might they look like once the technology is ready — and if one automaker is correct, the sky will be the limit.

And to put a twist on an old phrase, you’ll get to pick the color of the sky in your world, according to Mike Abelson, GM vice president of global strategy. Speaking at Citi’s Car of the Future conference in New York City.

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These designed-by-you vehicles might be owned or leased by individual customers, Abelson noted, adding that he sees a market outside of large cities where ride-sharing services, like Uber or Lyft, may not available. (more…)

GM, Lyft Deploying “Thousands” of Self-Driving Bolts in 2018

The new fleet arrives two years ahead of most other maker's planned ventures.

by on Feb.17, 2017

An autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV shown running at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan.

General Motors will catapult to the top of the autonomous vehicle class in 2018 when it deploys “thousands” of self-driving EVs with its ride-sharing partner Lyft Inc., according to Reuters.

If it happens, it will be the largest test fleet of fully autonomous vehicles by a major automaker. Currently, Waymo, working in concert with Fiat Chrysler, is testing about 60 self-driving vehicles in four states.

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Most automakers have been pointing to 2020 as the time when they’ll have vehicles ready for autonomous driving tests on America’s roadways. Plans call for Lyft, which GM purchased a stake in last year, to use the self-driving EVs in California and other states, Reuters reported. (more…)

General Motors Adds 700 Engineers in Canada

Influx of tech expertise part of GM’s autonomous vehicle push.

by on Jun.10, 2016

Unifor President Jerry Dias is pleased by the addition of 700 engineers, but said a strike was coming if GM didn't add new product to Oshawa, Ontario, plant.

General Motors is adding 700 engineers in Canada as it expands its research and development efforts for autonomous vehicles and other technologies.

The company made the announcement at its plant in Oshawa, Ontario, which has been the subject of much speculation. The site, which has been slated for closure three times and come back from the brink each time, is supposed to be shuttered in 2017.

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The new engineers will be based in Oshawa and another nearby plant in Markham, Ontario – both are suburbs of Toronto. The move comes on the heels of word from GM CEO Mary Barra that she is willing to talk about the Oshawa plant’s future with Unifor, the Canadian union representing hourly workers there. (more…)

GM, Lyft Preparing Autonomous Fleet Testing?

Automaker may push to use Bolt EV for self-driving fleets.

by on May.05, 2016

Could this be the first approved autonomous vehicle on U.S. roadways? GM prepped the new Bolt EV to accept self-driving technology.

It appears that Google won’t be the only company looking to test autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads, General Motors and Lyft may be looking to put several self-drivers into service in the months ahead.

The two companies are planning to test a fleet of autonomous vehicles that will likely include the new Chevrolet Bolt EV as they move forward with their efforts to create a driverless ride-sharing fleet of cars, according to multiple news reports.

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No cities or vehicles beyond the possibility of the Volt have been selected, according to multiple reports. The Bolt would likely be part of the plans as the EV was designed to be used for testing fully autonomous technologies. (more…)

Ford, GM Betting Big on the Future with Major Moves into Autonomous Vehicles, Mobility Services

Detroit makers hope to lead radical transformation of the auto industry.

by on Mar.11, 2016

General Motors President Dan Ammann (right) with Cruise Automation co-founders Kyle Vogt (center) and Daniel Kan (left).

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently suggested the level of change in the auto industry over the next five years will be greater than it has been over the last half-century – and major announcements by both GM and cross-town rival Ford appear to back that up.

The larger of the two makers has acquired Cruise Automation, a California-based start-up focusing on the development of autonomous vehicles. The smaller carmaker, meanwhile, says it is creating a new subsidiary, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, to focus on a wide range of mobility services, including not only autonomous vehicles but alternatives such as ride- and car-sharing.

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“Our plan is to quickly become part of the growing transportation services market, which already accounts for $5.4 trillion in annual revenue,” noted Ford CEO Mark Fields in a prepared statement. In a series of stump speeches in recent months, Fields noted that traditional automakers, such as Ford, currently get little to none of that revenue. (more…)

GM Creates Specialized Autonomous Vehicle, EV Team

Automaker continues expansion of "personal mobility" efforts.

by on Jan.29, 2016

GM tabbed Doug Parks to head up its new team focused on autonomous and battery-electric vehicles.

General Motors is realigning critical areas of its business to create, effective Feb. 1, a dedicated Autonomous and Technology Vehicle Development Team.

GM said in an internal announcement the combined team will focus on accelerating the company’s technical capabilities and create the future direction of GM vehicle programs in the autonomous and technologically advanced vehicle space.

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Doug Parks, who had been Vice President, Global Product Programs, is leading the new effort as Vice President, Autonomous Technology and Vehicle Execution. According to GM, the group is responsible for “creating and executing autonomously driven vehicles in addition to advanced technology vehicle programs, including hybrids, battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles.” (more…)

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