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Demolition Teams Ready to Roll at GM’s Old Janesville Plant

New company looking to redevelop old plant.

by on Feb.13, 2018

GM's former plant in Janesville, Wisconsin appears to be on the verge of demolition and redevelopment.

A St. Louis-based development company is moving ahead with plans for the demolition of General Motors’ old assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, which was once of the most profitable factories in GM vast manufacturing portfolio.

The plant was still turning out full-sized Chevrolet sport utility vehicles when it closed for good in the middle of the bitter recession amid the financial crisis that forced GM to file for bankruptcy.

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The 4.8 million square-foot plant, which sits on 300 acres near the center of Janesville was sold in December 2017 to Commercial Development of St. Louis, Missouri. Commercial Development told local officials that it plans to re-develop the property. (more…)

GM Gets Four Bites on Sale of Wisconsin Plant

Automaker's oldest plant shuttered in 2008.

by on Jun.21, 2016

General Motors has four potential buyers for its facility in Janesville, Wisconsin. The plant, GM's oldest, was shuttered in 2008.

General Motors is entertaining four potential buyers for an old – actually the company’s oldest – assembly plant in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The report of the interest in the site first appeared in the Janesville Gazette.

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The Janesville plant, which over the years has become a symbol of the economic decline of Rust Belt, was put up for sale after the United Auto Workers agreed to change the status of the plant to closed permanently during the 2015 contract talks. (more…)