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GM Interviewing People Who Returned Vehicles

Rejecters from “Money Back Guarantee” asked for input.

by on Nov.19, 2009


Lack of Consumer Reports recommendations for GM products is "very disappointing."

Fewer than 200 of 222,000 customers have returned vehicles to take advantage of GM’s 60-day Money Back Guarantee on new vehicle purchases, according to Vice President of Global Product Engineering Mark Reuss.

Those who did return a Chevy, Buick, Cadillac or GMC vehicle they purchased will be asked for an interview with GM engineering, Reuss noted during a roundtable with Detroit media.

Reuss, 45, gave the “customer outreach” example in answer to a question about how the new Board of Directors is influencing Product Development. He said the idea came during a dinner he recently attended with GM Chairman Ed Whitaker.

“People are not satisfied and we’re going to find out why,” Reuss said, who recently and prematurely returned from an executive rotation at Holden, GM’s Australian subsidiary.

You can view this as an admission that GM is changing or at least trying to, or as another example pointing out just how far out of touch GM is with customers.

Reuss’ father, Lloyd, was a senior executive for many years at GM before being fired as president along with CEO Bob Stempel in April of 1992 during a previous GM financial crisis. Current CEO Fritz Henderson’s father was also a GM  executive. The company has been repeatedly criticized for its insular culture, of course.