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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: After Years of Teasing, Gibbs is Finally Ready to Produce a Fast Amphibian

Quadski can travel 45 mph on land or water, transitioning between two in five seconds.

by on Oct.13, 2012

The Gibbs Quadski is the world's first production fast amphibian. Capable of 45 mph on land or water, the Quadski can transition between the two in as little as five seconds.

We fire up the Gibbs Quadski – the world’s first production, planing fast amphibian – and head straight for the water. Just as the tires start to get wet, we instinctively grab the brake lever because, well, wheeled vehicles aren’t supposed to go in the water.

But then we remember that this wheeled vehicle is different. In fact, that the Quadski can roll into the water is precisely what makes it special.

We're Even Amphibious!

As a Gibbs marketing representative said, “that’s when the magic happens.”


How an ATV Could Help Bring Water Car to Market

Regulatory issues continue to stop Gibbs from producing Aquada, even as it begins production of amphibious ATV.

by on Sep.25, 2012

Gibbs Chairman Neil Jenkins, driving this Gibbs Aquada in New Zealand, says the company could begin producing the Aquada in as little as six months after it gains regulatory approval.

Automotive dreamers have coveted the notion of an amphibious car almost since the first autos started showing up on the world’s dusty streets.

Several have tried, most notably Hanns Trippel, who designed several amphibious vehicle, including the most well-known, the 1960s Amphicar.

Floating New Ideas in the Auto Industry!

But no one has developed what anyone could call a commercially successful production amphibious car.

So how does the planned production of an amphibious ATV bring that car one step closer to reality? Let’s take a look.