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Driving the Toyota Camry Hybrid

Delivering 36 mpg with high technology, but not without quirks.

by on Aug.09, 2010

If you are looking for fuel economy and comfort, the Camry Hybrid is an excellent choice.

There’s no question that the Camry hybrid is a technological triumph that produces stunning increases in fuel economy, particularly during urban and suburban driving that many of us face. However to achieve this Camry hybrid employs a number of sophisticated systems that affect the performance and feel of the popular family car.

These systems result in driving aspects that differ from those of any non-hybrid car you’ve ever driven, starting with the continuously variable transmission, the start/stop engine and regenerative braking. As Toyota’s mainstream entry in the U.S. family car market, this might present a customer satisfaction challenge as sales volumes increase and the driving audience widens on this extremely competent car.

Unlike the hugely successful Prius with its large following of hybrid technology geeks – and I mean that as a complement – Camry is a car that has been accepted largely because drivers can ignore it. Buy a Camry, change the oil once in a while, and keep driving it. Camry is the perfect automotive appliance.

Real World MPG!

However, there’s no ignoring the operation of the Camry hybrid system, if only because the pictorial energy monitors adjacent to the speedometer and on the navigation screen constantly tell you what’s going on and how efficiently you are driving. Annoying at first, the meters soon challenged me to increase my driving efficiency, which I did by following the monitors. Studies have shown that such efficiency “video games” do produce real world fuel economy improvements.


Winners ‘n Sinners in New EPA Fuel Economy Guide

How to save energy and save money.

by on Oct.15, 2009

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy today unveiled the , which gives consumers important information about estimated fuel costs and mileage standards for model year 2010 vehicles.

“Every year, consumers use the Fuel Economy Guide to find clean, efficient, cost-effective vehicles that meets their needs and their budgets,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson.  “It’s an easy, accessible resource for everyone, and helps us cut harmful pollution from the air, and save money for American drivers.”

Japanese vehicles took seven out of the top ten spots on the best economy list, with the breakthrough, third generation Toyota Prius leading the way. Notable in their absence are vehicles from taxpayer subsidized General Motors Company and Fiat-controlled Chrysler Group. Ford Motor Company has a strong contender with its Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids, which are based on a Japanese platform (Mazda 6) and license technology from Toyota.

2010 EPA Fuel Economy Leaders, City/Highway

  1. Toyota Prius (hybrid) 51/48
  2. Ford Fusion Hybrid FWD, Mercury Milan Hybrid FWD 41/36
  3. Honda Civic Hybrid 40/45
  4. Honda Insight (hybrid) 40/43
  5. Lexus HS250h (hybrid) 35/34
  6. Nissan Altima Hybrid 35/33
  7. Ford Escape Hybrid FWD, Mazda Tribute Hybrid 2WD, Mercury Mariner Hybrid FWD 34/31
  8. Smart fortwo Cabriolet (automatic)  Smart fortwo Coupe (automatic) 33/41
  9. Toyota Camry Hybrid 33/34

10.  Lexus RX450h (hybrid, 2WD) 32/28