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Ford Growth Plans “On Track,” Insists Mulally

Maker still has its challenges.

by on Dec.14, 2011

Ford has "stress-tested" its growth strategy, insists CEO Alan Mulally.

With both sales and market share up for 2011 and Ford likely to post the strongest earnings it has seen in years, the maker’s goal of “growing profitably…is on track,” asserted CEO Alan Mulally.

It has clearly been a good year for the maker, which posted $1.6 billion in earnings for the most recent quarter after landing solidly in the black for the first half of the year.  It has slashed debt, seen sales grow by double digits in many months and will finish the year with about a 0.1 point increase in share, which has climbed back to 16.8%, putting it less than three points behind arch-rival General Motors.

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That’s not to say Ford doesn’t have its challenges, company officials acknowledged during a series of conversations at a holiday gathering with the media.  Japanese makers, sidelined for much of 2011 due to earthquake and flood-related production shortages, are roaring back with a vengeance.  And Ford has taken some unexpected hits on the quality charts lately after steady gains in recent years.


Ford Stock Hits 4-Year High

But Ford still miles, so to speak, from its 1999 peak.

by on Dec.22, 2009

Ford stock hits a 4-year high.

Ford Motor Co. shares closed the day on Wall Street at $9.90, a comfortable 2.4%, or 23-cent jump for the day, well above the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

But more significantly, the bell rang as Ford shares surged to their highest level in four years, and a big turnaround from the spring of 2009, when the automaker was trading just north of a dollar.

Industry analysts, such as Joe Phillippi, of AutoTrends Consulting, point to a variety of reasons for the surge.  As 2009 began, the automaker decided to forego the federal bailout needed by its cross-town rivals, General Motors and Chrysler, and was later able to avoid going into bankruptcy like the other members of Detroit’s Big Three.  That, said Phillippi, has not been missed by consumers who see it as a sign of strength – which translates into an endorsement of Ford products.


The automaker has been receiving quite a few of those.  Two of its models are up for the coveted North American Car and Truck of the Year awards, which are handed out at the North American International Auto Show, next month.  The influential Consumer Reports magazine described Ford as the only Detroit maker producing “world-class” products, when it released its annual vehicle reliability survey several months ago.


Ford Motor Slowly Recovering Share in Europe

With GM’s Opel in disarray, Ford is gaining ground.

by on Oct.13, 2009

With one of is principal competitors, Opel-Vauxhall, in the midst of a corporate transformation, Ford of Europe increased market share to 10.1% in September; its best share for any month since September 2001. It is now the number two automaker in Europe.

It remains unclear if the company, which posted record losses in 2008, is returning to profitable operations since Ford has not changed its guidance to analysts during its second quarter earning results press conference, which said it would continue to lose money this year.

Still, year-to-date Ford’s share in the so called Euro 19 markets is just over 9% — the best performance in a decade.

Volkswagen by far remains the dominate producer in Europe. VW Group was in the black during Q2 to the surprise of some analysts. This  positive result came from strong performances by the VW brand in Brazil (+7%) and China (+23 %), now VW’s largest market. Financial results were also good for the first half of 2009 as the Group made a €1.2 billion operating profit. VW’s global market share is now 12%, which makes it number two in a close race with Toyota.

Overall, Ford of Europe sold 152,600 new vehicles in its 19 main markets in September, a gain of 12.3% over the same month a year ago, and better than the industry increase of 2.9%. Ford has now reported year-over-year sales gains for four months in a row, and small market share increases for nine consecutive months.

The Euro 19 markets are: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Ford reports sales for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through its Finnish National Sales Company, so sales data for the Baltic States is included within Euro 19.