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First Drive: Lincoln MKT

Luxury crossover has distinctive look, but tail is rather ungainly.

by on Sep.17, 2010

The Lincoln MKT includes styling cues from past Lincolns, but many will have trouble getting past the large tail end.

Let it never be said that Lincoln went conservative in its design of the MKT luxury crossover.

On first glimpse, the MKT seemed to have rather odd proportions. While most of the vehicle has a nice design and well-played features, the bulky rear end gives the tail end a heavy look. Let’s call it like it is: The MKT looks like it’s packing a load.

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In contrast, the design of the Buick Enclave, is striking, making it the most beautiful of the luxury crossovers. Sure, styling is a subjective area frought with peril for auto scribes. In Lincoln’s defense, luxury car buyers typically want a flashy design that stands out from the crowd. It’s also worth noting that my wife disagrees with my assessment.

Lincoln has made great use of the split-wing grille, which it is extending across the lineup. It gives Lincoln a distinctive front end design, which also points back to Lincoln’s storied past.

But still that rear end …

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