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Ford Trades Range for Price on New Focus EV

Execs don't believe the 200 miles is worth an extra $6k to buyers.

by on Apr.18, 2016

The 2017 Ford Focus EV will have a range of 100 miles, which is about 100 miles less than its competition.

As most of EV makers are following the go big or go home path when it comes to battery range, Ford is staying the course – or distance – when it comes to the next-generation Ford Focus EV: it will go about 100 miles before needing a charge.

Why? Money.


The rationale was made apparent as Kevin Layden, Ford’s director for electrification, told attendees at the SAE World Congress in Detroit, said the company felt that extra 100 miles wasn’t worth the extra $6,000 it would cost potential owners. (more…)

Ford Offers Competitors Access to EV Patents

Detroit maker hiring 200 new engineers for battery-car efforts.

by on May.28, 2015

Ford's C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid is one of the maker's six electrified vehicles.

Ford is opening up its portfolio of patents and offering competitors access to those covering electric vehicle technologies. Just last year, Ford filed for 2,000 patents in the U.S., of which 400, or more than 20%, were related to EVs.

The move comes a year after CEO Elon Musk offered access to the patent portfolio of battery-carmaker Tesla Motors. Unlike the California start-up, Ford isn’t providing its intellectual property rights for free. But Ford’s move isn’t simply to get the licensing fees.

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“Innovation is our goal,” explained Kevin Layden, director, Ford Electrification Programs, in a news release. “The way to provide the best technology is through constant development and progress. By sharing our research with other companies, we will accelerate the growth of electrified vehicle technology and deliver even better products to customers.”


Pricing Wars: Plug-in Hybrid, EV Prices Dropping

Makers cutting lease payments on vehicles.

by on Mar.26, 2015

BMW recently cut the lease price on its electric i3 model to $239 a month. The maker isn't alone in reducing prices.

Gas prices aren’t the only prices dropping these days. Automakers are cutting prices on their electric vehicles.

Despite strong sales early on, BMW recently announced buyers can lease an i3 for as low as $239 a month. However, just after that, Honda put out a new $199 lease for its Fit EV subcompact. The new lease price is a $60 a month cut from its previous offer of $259 a month.


It’s not just the leases prices. Heading into this year, Ford announced it was cutting the price of its Focus battery electric vehicle as well: by $6,000. The new starting price is $29,995 before any federal, state or local incentives are applied, which can cut the final price as much as $7,500. It was the second time the automaker cut the price on the Focus. It cut it $4,000 in 2013 hoping to drive sales then. (more…)

Ford the Latest to Drop Battery Car Price

2014 Focus Electric base price dropped $4,000.

by on Jul.10, 2013

Ford has struggled to charge up consumer interest in its all-electric Focus Electric.

Ford Motor Co. becomes the latest automaker to slash pricing to try to boost sales of its slow-selling battery-car, the 2014 Focus Electric.

Sales of both battery-electric vehicles, or BEVs, and plug-in hybrids have generally lagged proponents’ expectations prompting makers to drop base prices or increase incentives in the hope of luring more consumers into showrooms.

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Among other makers who have cut prices in recent months are Nissan, Chevrolet and Honda. Meanwhile, Toyota is increasing marketing efforts to revive demand for the conventional Prius hybrid after an unexpected sales skid during the first half of the year.


Best New Car Deals for January

Ford ups Focus EV lease incentives to over $10,000.

by on Jan.24, 2013

Ford is offering more than $10,000 in incentives on the Focus EV.

The U.S. new car market finished 2012 with an unexpected sales surge and industry pundits predict demand will grow again this year.  That may be great news for shareholders but not so much so for shoppers looking for a good deal.

Transaction prices – what the average new vehicle buyer actually pays after options and incentives are worked in – rose to a record high while those givebacks dipped sharply.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good deals out there, according to those who track the numbers on a daily basis.

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In fact, if you’re willing to opt for a product that might not be your first pick you could be in for some substantial savings. And there are some particularly good deals in select market niches. In some instances, you’ll find the bargains best when you’re willing to purchase the vehicle up-front.  Other hot deals are available, however, on leases.


Ford Amps Up Investment in Electric Vehicles

Maker targets more battery vehicles at a lower cost.

by on Aug.16, 2012

Ford plans to rapidly increase the number of battery vehicles in its line-up and boost production capacity while also driving down costs.

Ford Motor Co., despite the feeble growth of sales of hybrids and electric vehicles, has no intention of backing off its ambitious plans to build more electric vehicles.  Instead, the automaker has announced plans to invest another $135 million to design, engineer and test future battery-based vehicles.

Joe Bakaj, Ford vice president of powertrain engineering, said the investment will include hiring more engineers to work on electric vehicle projects alongside the 1,000 experts it already has working on EV projects at its engineering campus in Dearborn at what the company is now calling the Advanced Electrification Center. Ford continues to build its electrified team having hired 60 engineers in the past year with plans to fill more positions in the next few months.

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While the price of gasoline continues to fluctuate, the long-term trend in fuel prices is upwards and consumers around the world are demanding greater fuel efficiency, Bakaj said. “Sixty percent of our customers say they would consider a hybrid if the price was equal to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine,” he said.


Ford Outlines Battery Car Plans

Big charge comes in 2012.

by on Oct.20, 2010

Ford will slowly ramp up its battery car efforts, starting with the Focus EV, shown here, and the battery version of the Transit Connect.

Ford Motor Co. plans a serious assault on the electric vehicle market, but the big push won’t come until 2012, the automaker says.

“Some” of the Detroit maker’s first electric vehicles will hit the road in 2011, Sue Cischke, the group vice president overcoming Ford’s sustainability efforts said.  But the maker is taking a “slower entry” than it originally planned.

“We had always said 2011, which we’ll still do, but I think you’ll see more of the concentrated volume in 2012,” said Cischke, during a meeting with reporters in Washington, D.C.

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The maker has indicated it has at least five battery-based vehicles in the pipeline – beyond the basic gas-electric hybrids, such as the Ford Escape Hybrid it now offers.  First to market will be pure battery-electric versions of the Transit Connect van and the new-for-2011 Focus passenger car.


40 Battery Vehicles to Debut by 2012

But battery power not likely to make significant inroads for some time.

by on Oct.20, 2009

The Ford Focus EV will be one of more than 40 battery vehicles planned for launch by 2012.

The Ford Focus EV will be one of more than 40 battery vehicles planned for launch by 2012.

At least 40 battery-based vehicles will make their debut between now and 2012, according to a new study by PriceWaterhouse Coopers.  And the rate of new offerings could increase significantly in the years beyond.

But the report cautions that the technology “is not expected to have a major volume impact in the near to mid-term,” in part “because the price premiums” for the technology “are prohibitive.”

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The timing of the PWC report coincides with the opening of “The Business of Plugging In,” a conference designed to spur the development of plug-in hybrid technology.  (Click Here for the full story.)  General Motors is planning to launch its much-heralded Chevrolet Volt in about a year, with Toyota, Ford and a number of other makers plnning their own plug-ins, as well.  Ford is one of many manufacturers spreading its bets across a variety of green technologies; the maker plans to bring out pure battery-electric versions of its Transit Connect van and Focus sedan by 2012, as well.


Leno Lands Ford Deal

Automaker to provide Focus EVs for celebrity publicity stunt.

by on Sep.09, 2009

Ford Focus EV

Four Focus EVs, which won’t reach the U.S. market until 2011 at the earliest, will be used in the publicity stunt.

While everyone waits and wonders whether former Tonight Show host Jay Leno can work his magic during prime time, Ford Motor Company has signed on in an unusual partnership that will have celebrity drivers racing battery-powered versions of the automaker’s Focus sedan.

The Green Car Challenge will be conducted on a special track built behind the Burbank, California studios where Leno – an unabashed auto fanatic – will tape his five-night-a-week comedy and entertainment extravaganza, “The Jay Leno Show.”  The first Challenge will be staged on September 18th.

A total of four Focus EVs, which won’t reach the retail U.S. market until 2011 at the earliest, will be used in the publicity stunt, and the automaker is hoping the regularly televised series of celebrity eco-grudge matches will help it establish an image as one of the industry’s green leaders.



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