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Ford Charges into China with New $760 mil Plant

Ford on the way to becoming China’s fourth-largest carmaker.

by on Mar.24, 2015

The new China plant will initially produce the Ford Edge but will have capacity for five other models.

Late to the Chinese party, Ford Motor Co. is playing a fast-paced game of catch-up. The Detroit maker’s latest move comes with the opening of a new, $760 million assembly plant in Hangzhou, about 100 miles southwest of Shanghai.

The new facility will bring to 1.2 million Ford’s rated annual capacity in China, and could position the company as the market’s fourth-largest manufacturer. But the Hangzhou plant opens just as the Chinese car market begins to cool, along with the rest of the economy, for the first time in more than a decade.

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Nonetheless, Ford CEO Mark Fields, who was on hand for the Tuesday plant dedication, was optimistic, declaring, “This world-class facility will help us accelerate the delivery of high-quality, innovative products to our customers in China.”


Ford’s Mulally, Fields Make Early, Informal CEO Transition

A rock-star reception.

by on Jun.25, 2014

Ford's incoming CEO Mark Fields with the 2015 Edge.

Officially, Alan Mulally had nearly a week left before his retirement, Mark Fields still in the on-deck circle. But informally, the outgoing Ford Motor Co. CEO handed the baton over to his successor this week during Ford’s annual summer media preview.

The 68-year-old Mulally has spent his last few weeks visiting Ford facilities around the world, “saying thank you,” he explained after dropping in on a morning briefing capped by the preview of the maker’s 2015 Edge crossover.

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Even after nearly eight years on the job, with retirement approaching fast, Mulally maintained the boyish exuberance that has been a hallmark of his tenure, reminding everyone he spoke with to “continue supporting Ford” under its new leadership. And, more like a rock star than a traditional business exec, Mulally took time to pose for pictures, signing media badges with a personal note and a big heart.


Ford Aims to Edge Out the Competition with All-New 2015 Edge CUV

Crossover will target Europe for 1st time.

by on Jun.24, 2014

The new 2015 Ford Edge adopts the same C/D platform as the maker's Fusion sedan.

Ford hopes to maintain its Edge when it launches an all-new version of its midsize crossover later this year, the 2015 Ford Edge marking the nameplate’s debut in the European market.

The new crossover-utility vehicle, originally introduced for the 2007 model-year, the Edge quickly gained traction in the booming U.S. CUV market, and it has been a major factor in Ford’s rapid growth in China. Now, the maker hopes to repeat that success in Europe as it launches an all-new version of the Edge that it boasts is more refined, more powerful and more fuel efficient.

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The new Edge also serves as the latest example of retiring CEO Alan Mulally’s One Ford strategy, the 2015 crossover migrating to a new platform that it shares with a variety of other key Ford products including the midsize Fusion sedan, the 4-door European Mondeo and S-Max people-mover, as well as the latest version of the Lincoln MKZ.


Ford Edge “Concept” Makes LA Auto Show Appearance

Ford puts more edge in the Edge.

by on Nov.20, 2013

A production version of the Ford Edge is expected to return for the 2015 model-year.

Though it’s officially being described as a “concept vehicle,” the Ford Edge prototype making its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week will make its return, in short order, in production form — and not just here in the U.S., but in markets around the world.

The next-generation Edge is the latest of the Detroit automaker’s models to go global as part of CEO Alan Mulally’s One Ford strategy. The move to reach beyond North American shores makes perfect sense, said Jim Farley, Ford executive vice president of marketing, considering the way crossover vehicles have gone mainstream around the world.

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“Utilities now account for one of every five vehicles sold around the world,” he said. Ford’s intermediate objective is to build a family of small, compact, mid-sized and full-size utility vehicles that will appeal to a broad range of global buyers. “Utilities are no longer a regional vehicle,” he said.


Ford to Get Edge-y with New Crossover Concept

Detroit maker hopes its once-popular crossover can regain its edge.

by on Nov.18, 2013

Ford has made only modest updates to the Edge since its launch in late 2006.

Ford’s once-popular midsized crossover vehicle has been lagging behind the recovery of the overall U.S. market over the last year, so the Detroit maker is hoping a concept version making its debut at the L.A. Auto Show later this week will help it regain its edge.

Make that Edge, as in Ford Edge, the CUV that slots in-between Ford’s more popular Escape and Explorer models.

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It wasn’t always that way.  After its launch during the 2007 model-year, the Ford Edge became one of the midsize crossover segment’s most popular offerings, but it has been losing momentum since the 2012 redesign of the Explorer, with the debut of the all-new 2013 Ford Escape delivering another body blow.


Consumer Reports Trash Talks Toyota, Honda

Call Prius C, Civic “Cars to Avoid.”

by on Aug.07, 2012

The latest Honda Civic takes some more hits from Consumer Reports magazine.

If the well-regarded Consumer Reports has taken some criticism, over the years, it’s for being too import friendly, but you’d be hard-pressed to tell from the non-profit publication’s latest issue – where it takes the Toyota Prius C and Honda Civic to task as two of “Five Popular Cars to Avoid.”

That could be bad news for the two makers as CR does, indeed carry significant weight among more affluent, import-oriented buyers.  The Civic is a critical model in the Honda line-up but has already taken sharp criticism since its 2011 redesign, while the Prius C is the newest member of Toyota’s expanded hybrid family.

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“Just because a car generates a lot of buzz or is a best seller doesn’t mean that it’s a good choice for you,” warns the magazine.

The two Japanese makers aren’t the only ones coming under fire in the September 2012 issue of Consumer Reports, however.  The magazine also targets three domestic models: (more…)

First Drive: Lincoln MKX

MKX is good, but it doesn't stand out compared to Ford Edge.

by on Sep.02, 2011

Lincoln's MKX crossover was refreshed for 2011.

Ford has gone on record to say that it knows its Lincoln brand needs to step up its game. So what’s wrong? This MKX crossover offers a good chance to examine some of the issues.

The MKX is the Lincoln version of the Ford Edge. Both vehicles were freshened for 2011 with mildly updated styling and small revisions to everything from the engine to the aerodynamic aids. But the biggest change was the addition of MyLincolnTouch, a new graphic user interface that works with Ford’s groundbreaking Sync voice control system.

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The MKX’s relationship to the Ford version is evident immediately. While some Lincolns, such as the MKZ and MKT, get unique shapes compared to their Ford counterparts, the MKX and Edge differ mostly in front and rear-end treatments. Other automakers – such as Toyota which builds its Highlander and Lexus RX350 on same platform, for example – do a better job differentiating their luxury vehicles from the garden-variety ones.

Lincoln has at least established a good start on the styling front. The split-wing grille design is unique, yet it also looks back on Lincoln history.

But beyond the special grille, Lincoln’s styling isn’t expressive or cohesive enough. The MKX literally looks like an Edge with the fancy grille and some extra bright work throughout the rest of the vehicle.


First Drive: Revamped Edge’s MyFordTouch Needs Tweaks to Reach Full Potential

by on Apr.20, 2011

The 2011 Ford Edge received an extensive exterior freshening as well as industry-first technologies, features and conveniences.

If you base your opinion of the controversial MyFordTouch, the latest iteration of Ford’s revolutionary Sync infotainment system, on an hour or so with the system, your thoughts about it are likely to be negative. But spending a week with the system brings greater understanding.

Is it perfect? No? Despite improvements including a greatly expanded number of commands the system recognizes, it still needs more. Details, details, details. We’ll get to those.

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This Edge is a mid-cycle refresh of Ford’s wildly popular mid-size two-row crossover. There are improvements throughout the vehicle, including upgraded engines, slightly revised styling, bigger wheel options and improved fuel economy. But MyFordTouch is stealing most of the headlines.


Exec Says Journalists Need More Training on MyLincolnTouch

"The customers are happy," he says.

by on Jan.10, 2011

A Lincoln executive says media criticisms of MyLincolnTouch could be solved with additional training of journalists.

Criticisms of MyFordTouch and MyLincolnTouch, Ford’s revolutionary new graphical interface for Sync, could be solved by providing additional training, a Lincoln marketing executive said Sunday.

C.J. O’Donnell, group marketing manager for Lincoln, said that customer response to the system has been overwhelmingly positive.

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MyFordTouch is the latest update to Ford’s groundbreaking Sync system. Ford expanded the system’s vocabulary of accepted commands and added multiple customizable screens, including a touch-sensitive screen in the center console that operates everything from climate control to navigation.

But several journalists have panned the system. (subscription required) removed the Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge from its recommended lists simply because of the new system. The magazine called the system too complicated and more difficult to use than traditional knobs and buttons. has also criticized the system because its too complicated and the touch-screen “buttons” are too small.


Ford’s MyTouch Takes Fire From Consumer Reports

“Overly complicated and distracting,” magazine pulls recommendation from two Ford models.

by on Jan.04, 2011

Consumer Reports berates the MyFordTouch system as "overly complicated."

It has frequently been hailed as one of the most significant new technologies to show up inside an automobile, but Ford Motor Co.’s new touch-screen MyFordTouch and MyLincolnTouch systems are taking fire from the influential Consumer Reports magazine.

The non-profit publication – which has given kudos to Ford’s steady increase in quality – has declared the two touch-screen systems “overly complicated and distracting.”  In turn, Consumer Reports has decided not to give a much-coveted recommendation to two new Ford products, the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossovers using the MyTouch technology.

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The Ford MyTouch technology is designed to control a wide range of infotainment systems, from onboard route guidance to handsfree phoning.  Ford has billed the system as an easy-to-use alternative, ironically, to some of the more complex controller-based infotainment systems, such as the BMW iDrive.

Ford’s system actually offers three different ways to control in-vehicle electronics, which the maker claims permits a motorist to use whichever they find the simplest and easiest: a large touch screen at the top of the center console, a pair of five-way controllers on the steering wheel – or voice-activated controls.