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Ford Powers Up Production of EcoBoost Engine Family

$145 mil program targets Cleveland Engine Plant.

by on Feb.26, 2016

A worker assembles a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 at Ford's Cleveland Engine Plant.

Even with cheap gas, motorists have been migrating away from traditional engine choices, and that’s convinced Ford to pump $145 million into the Cleveland Engine Plant producing one of its key alternatives, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine used in a variety of models such as the big F-150 pickup.

Ford plans to make the turbocharged engine – which serves as an alternative to traditional V-8s – available on a wider line-up of vehicles in the coming years. It’s taking a similar approach with other members of the EcoBoost family which include engines as small as a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder package.

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“Ford customers have embraced EcoBoost’s unbeatable combination of power and efficiency, with more than 60% of F-150 customers choosing trucks powered by EcoBoost,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford President of The Americas Joe Hinrichs, said in a statement.


Ford Hitting 1 Million EcoBoost Sales in 2015

Ford F-150 sells 64% of new models with gas-saving engines.

by on Nov.12, 2015

Sixty-four percent of F-150s roll off the line with an EcoBoost engine under the hood.

What started off as a new engine entry blanketed in skepticism is now one of Ford Motor Co.’s biggest success stories. The EcoBoost family of engines is going to hit 1 million in annual sales for the first time this year.

Introduced in 2009 as a 3.6-liter V6 for the Taurus SHO, the family has grown dramatically as Ford has pitched the turbocharged engines as greener than the competition: smaller engines using less gas but delivering the power and performance of larger models.

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While many scoffed at the claims made by the automaker about the performance and durability of the EcoBoost, the engines have lived up their billing. Right now, there are seven different EcoBoost engines and another is expected to arrive sometime next year for the Ford Escape. (more…)

Ford Fills in the Performance Blanks on New Focus RS

A clue? It’s quick.

by on Sep.16, 2015

Ford had only promised to deliver "well in excess of 315 hp" when first showing the Focus RS.

Seven months after it first lifted the covers off the new Focus RS, Ford is finally revealing the hot hatch’s performance numbers. And they suggest the high-performance model could get the best of its competition.

Entering a fast-growing segment filled with the likes of the VW Golf R and Subaru WRX STI, the new Ford Focus RS is the Detroit maker’s most aggressive pitch yet to the hip, young performance fans who often influence more mainstream buyers. And it highlights the launch of an all-new Ford Performance division late last year.

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“The all-new Focus RS will bring the legendary nameplate to a new generation of global customers for `the first time,” including those in the U.S., said Dave Pericak, director of Ford Performance. “Focus RS delivers stunning performance and innovative technology at a price that will make both enthusiast consumers and premium automakers look twice.”


Toyota Turning to Turbos

Maker offers alternative to its hybrid line.

by on Apr.06, 2015

Toyota is doubling its turbo engine line-up. The 8NR-FTS powertrain is the latest addition.

Perhaps best known for its dependence on hybrid powertrains, Toyota Motor Co. is also planning a big push into turbo power, the maker announced today.

The announcement echoes moves by a wide variety of other manufacturers – with industry observers anticipating a majority of the world’s gas- and diesel-powered vehicles will use turbocharging to deliver more power and improved mileage within the next decade.

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“Despite the success of hybrids, Toyota is aware that vehicles with conventional powertrains still represent the majority of vehicles sold,” said the maker in a statement out of Japan. “By constantly increasing environmental performance across its entire vehicle lineup, Toyota aims to offer a portfolio of environment-friendly vehicles that meet the diverse needs of consumers.”


Conventional Gas-Powered Cars Will Be in Minority by 2017

“No single technology will dominate,” says new study.

by on Dec.23, 2014

Even Cadillac may opt for an alternate approach when it launches its Gen-4 CTS-V.

With gas prices down to less than $2.00 at a growing number of pumps around the country, a growing number of American motorists have been flocking back to showrooms for pickups, SUVs and muscle cars. Yet, despite that sudden surge, the days of the classic V-8 and V-6 may be coming to an end.

In fact, a new study suggests that less than half of the vehicles that will be sold around the world by 2017 will be powered by conventional gasoline engines. Alternative fuels, electrified vehicles and more advanced internal combustion systems will make up the majority of the global mix, according to a new report from Navigant Research.

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And the pace of that transition will only accelerate in the years ahead. Even in the U.S., tough new fuel economy standards set to go into effect by 2025 will force major changes under the hood, industry insiders concur.


GM’s Ecotec Engine Family Ready to Power Small Cars

Maker claims engines outperform competition.

by on Mar.20, 2014

The new Ecotec small engine portfolio will include 11 engines,with three- and four-cylinder variants ranging from 1.0 liters to 1.5 liters.

General Motors is ready to roll out a new family of small, three- and four-cylinder gasoline engines that will eventually power one of every four vehicles GM builds around the world.

Engines from the new Ecotec family are already scheduled to power the new Opel Adam, which goes on sale soon in Europe, and the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze for China that GM is planning to unveil next month in Beijing, GM executives said.

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The engines also will be used in vehicles such as the next generation Chevrolet Cruze that will be sold in the U.S. GM officials said. GM is promising to show a refreshed version of the Chevrolet Cruze at the New York Auto Show, but the next-generation Cruze is now expected to reach showrooms in late 2016. (more…)

2014 Ford 1.0-Liter Fiesta Most Fuel-Efficient Non-Hybrid on US Market

New engine gets EPA 45 mpg highway rating.

by on Oct.29, 2013

The Ford Fiesta with its new 1.0-liter EcoBoost will deliver up to 45 mpg on the highway.

Ford will offer one of the smallest engines on the market for its 2014 Fiesta – but the 1.0-liter EcoBoost model will have a bigger claim to fame as the most fuel-efficient, non-hybrid gasoline vehicle in the U.S.

With the 3-cylinder, turbocharged engine under the hood, the 2014 Ford Fiesta will deliver an EPA-rated 45 miles per gallon on the highway – a full 1 mpg better than the 2014 Honda Insight hybrid’s 44 mpg rating, and 3 mpg better than that of the Volkswagen Golf diesel with a manual transmission.

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“We’re pushing into fuel economy numbers only seen on hybrids and diesels,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the Americas. “Coupled with the new Fiesta ST, Fiesta covers the performance-efficiency continuum in the subcompact segment better than any other nameplate in the market.”


Ford EcoBoost-Powered Racer Sets Daytona Speed Record

by on Oct.10, 2013

The Ford EcoBoost Daytona Prototype crossing the finish line at the Florida speedway.

Ford has done an admirable job of establishing the EcoBoost name in the market as shorthand for the maker’s latest fuel-saving powertrain technology. So, some folks might be excused for getting confused by the news that a Ford EcoBoost-powered racer has just set a new speed record at Florida’s legendary Daytona speedway.

A prototype race car using a specially modified 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 turned in a single lap speed record of 222.971 miles per hour on the big Daytona oval, besting a 26-year-old record set by NASCAR champ Bill Elliott while qualifying for the 1987 Daytona 500 – coincidentally in a Ford Thunderbird.

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Ford recently announced plans to develop an EcoBoost-powered racer to demonstrate that the technology isn’t solely meant to deliver good mileage but can also be fun to drive.

And Ford isn’t alone. Mazda dominated the Grand Am GX series – after addressing some early problems – with a race car powered by a SkyActiv-D diesel, an engine the Japanese maker claims is only a modestly modified version of the “oil burner” that will appear in the Mazda6 sedan early next year.


VW Plans to Go All-Turbo, Ford Could Follow

Smaller engines could deliver mix of power, better mileage.

by on Sep.18, 2013

Ford CEO Alan Mulally plants a kiss on one of the maker's increasingly popular EcoBoost engines.

Is the conventional, or normally aspirated, gasoline engine on its way out? It’s starting to look more and more like it as manufacturers adopt alternatives such as battery-electric vehicles and turbocharged gas and diesel powertrains.

In fact, Volkswagen appears to be set on a course to go all turbo over the next several years, according to a senior executive, while Ford is on a similar route, the company noted as it marked the production of the two-millionth vehicle equipped with its turbocharged EcoBoost technology.

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“You have to have a turbo these days,” Marc Trahan, an executive vice president with Volkswagen of America, told the Detroit News. “We only have one normally aspirated gas engine, and when we go to the next generation vehicle that it’s in, it will be replaced. So, three, four years maximum.”


Ford Breaks the 40 MPG Barrier for Fiesta

New SFE model hits 41 mpg for 2014; may make even more when 1.0-liter EcoBoost debuts.

by on Jun.07, 2013

The 2014 Ford Fiesta will get a nice bump in mileage.

The good news is that Ford will bump the fuel economy of its little Fiesta model up to 41 miles per gallon with the addition of the new SFE model for 2014.

What is likely to be even better news for Ford Fiesta buyers is the likelihood the little car will stretch even further – without much performance sacrifice – when the maker adds the new 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine to the Fiesta line-up later this year.

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As we’ve been seeing over the past couple years, 40 is the new 30, especially when it comes to fuel economy, so the 2014 Ford Fiesta SFE is likely to get a welcome reception – though we’ll have to wait for a drive to see whether there’s much of a penalty in the performance category.  That and premium pricing have been the two big drawbacks when it comes to sales of other models, especially those given the “Eco” designation.


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