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Ford EcoBoost Patents Underway

Powertrain management code make up the bulk of applications.

by on Oct.08, 2009


EcoBoost engines have direct-injection and turbocharging long in use at other automakers.

Ford Motor Company has applied for 125 patents for the technology surrounding the EcoBoost engines, which feature expensive direct-injection of fuel and turbocharging that have long been in use at other automakers.

“The secret to Ford’s EcoBoost system isn’t just the hardware – the key is in the Ford control system,” said Brett Hinds, Ford Advanced Engine Design and Development manager. “Our engineers have the right ‘recipes’ to integrate the various systems like engine, transmission and fuel management, resulting in a seamless, exhilarating driving experience,” he said.

The powertrain management techniques make up the bulk of the technology’s patents said Hinds. Ford licenses hybrid management control technologies from Toyota Motor Company.