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EPA Names “Environmental Justice” Communities

A local means to improving health from a newly activist EPA.

by on Nov.17, 2009

Helping highlight the disproportionate environmental burdens placed on low-income people.

Highlighting "disproportionate" burdens on low-income people.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson announced today a national initiative to “address environmental justice challenges” in ten communities through its  program.

EPA has committed $1 million of your tax dollars to this effort during the next two years.

“These 10 communities will serve as models for the EPA’s committed environmental justice efforts, and help highlight the disproportionate environmental burdens placed on low-income and minority communities all across the nation,” said Lisa P. Jackson, EPA Administrator.

“By expanding the conversation on environmentalism, we can give a voice to vulnerable groups that haven’t always had a voice on these issues,” said Jackson.

Since 1994, EPA has provided more than $32 million in general funding to more than 1,100 community-based organizations.

EPA says that the selected communities will use “collaborative, community-based approaches to improve public health and the environment.”

EPA will provide $100,000 per project. These demonstration projects will test and share information on different approaches to increase EPA’s ability to achieve environmental results in communities.

The following locations will serve as Environmental Justice Showcase Communities: