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Despite Recent Problems, Fisker Moving Ahead

Second model, Atlantic, could begin production in early 2013.

by on Oct.02, 2012

The Fisker Atlantic could go into prototype production by early next year.

Fisker Automotive has ambitious plans to re-launch its car in Europe soon, take it to the Middle East by the end of the year and begin sales in China in early 2013.

The troubled battery-car start-up’s new chief executive officer Tony Posawatz acknowledged the company had made mistakes but dismissed a crushing review by Consumer Reports — which described the design of the Fisker Karma as flawed –and said the public’s reaction to the plug-in hybrid is what matters most.

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“Customers do like these cars,” said the former General Motors Co. executive who had been responsible for bring the Chevrolet Volt to market.

The Karma has been well received by customers, who are pleased with both its combination of bold styling, instant power, fuel economy and aura of eco-chic, he told the Automotive Press Association during a luncheon in Detroit.


Consumer Reports Gives Failing Grade to Fisker

Magazine says Karma sedan has too many flaws to garner its recommendation.

by on Sep.24, 2012

Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the Fisker Karma, but, like almost every other review of the car, said it is beautiful.

Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the Fisker Karma following its test, which began with the car’s battery pack failing within the car’s first 200 miles.

“Overall, the Karma scored too low in our tests to recommend,” the magazine reported in its review of the car.

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While the magazine said there was plenty to like about the sleek Karma, there was a lot that was unacceptable. Read on to find out what the magazine editors found objectionable.


Fisker Faces More Trouble

E-REV sports car dies during Consumer Reports' initial testing.

by on Mar.09, 2012

Fisker founder Henrik Fisker with the Karma.

UPDATE: Fisker has fixed and returned Consumer Reports’ Karma. Click here to read the story.

Now that the Fisker Karma has finally reached production, problems with the beautiful extended-range electric vehicle are starting to pile up.

The latest trouble with the $100,000 car came when Consumers Reports was just beginning its testing of the Karma luxury sports car when it died, according to a report from .

In a statement, Fisker said it has sent two engineers to assess the problem.

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In the last month, Fisker appointed a new CEO, Tom Lasorda, a former Chrysler executive, to replace the company’s eponymous founder, Henrik Fisker. Fisker co-founded the company and designed the Karma, which has met with critical acclaim for its sleek styling. The company has dealt with a leak from its 2o kWh lithium-ion nanophosphate battery, supplied by A123. And it has shut down work at its U.S. plant, where it hopes to build its second model, called Nina, while it renegotiates with the terms of a $529 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy. It also had to halt sales in January to fix a software glitch.