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Ferrari Recalls F355 Models for Engine Fires

Clamps may damage fuel lines, causing leaks.

by on Nov.23, 2009

Shoddy shop work causes the problem.

Shoddy shop work causes the problem.

Ferrari North America is recalling 2400 F355 and F1 models because independent shops may have improperly fitted screw clamps to the thermostat housing so that they are too close to fuel lines. Abrasion can cause leaks and ultimately fires.

The total population of potentially affected model year 1995 – 1999 Ferrari 355 and 355 F1 vehicles not in FNA’s control is approximately 2,356 vehicles.

FNA says it is aware of only one instance in the United States in which an independent automobile repair facility improperly installed such a screw clamp and “believes that the error committed by that shop was so open and obvious that the error is unlikely to be repeated in the absence of gross negligence.”

Nevertheless, it is possible that such grossly faulty installation of the screw clamps could cause damage to the fuel supply pipes, possibly resulting in the leakage of fuel into the engine compartment, which in turn could cause smoke and, in rare circumstances, a fire, rendering the vehicle inoperable and possibly resulting in a crash.