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Review: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Touring

by on Aug.25, 2010

Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution is the great fun to play with in the dirt.The freeway would have been fine for the return trip from the NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway, but why take the easy route when there’s a great twisty dirt road to take instead?

Dirt is where Mitsubishi’s legendary Lancer Evolution MR was developed, cutting its teeth on the World Rally Championship circuit.

The Evo was in its element. Somehow, it seemed to have a smoother ride on the dirt than on tarmac. Impossible, but large bumps that seemed likely to bounce us out of our seats caused only a minor disruption in the car.

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With the Evo’s sophisticated Super All-Wheel Control set to gravel – there are settings for tarmac and snow as well – and the automated manual transmission in manual shift mode, the Evo charged through turns, gripping the loose surface as if it had grappling hooks. With all four wheels searching for grip, the Evo seemed every bit as fast as on pavement.

Video game mavens know all about the Evo. Unofficially known as Evo X for 10th generation, Mitsubishi has resisted the common urge to make the Evo smoother and more sophisticated. Over the years, it’s grown in size, but this is still one extroverted little sedan, worthy of its reputation as the ultimate pocket rocket.