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Volvo’s Polestar Begins Construction on Plant in China

Facility will build performance EVs.

by on Nov.21, 2017

Volvo' first offering from its Polestar high performance division, the Polestar 1, will be built at its new plant, which is under construction, in China.

Polestar, the Volvo Group’s in-house brand for performance and electrified vehicles, has taken another step forward in its development with the announcement it will build its new factory in China.

The construction of its new state-of-the-art Polestar Production Center has already started in Chengdu, China, where the company’s first model, the Polestar 1, will be produced.

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The announcement comes in the wake of the reorganization of the Polestar brand, which prior to this fall had been geared to ing performance parts to enthusiasts interested in tuning up their personal Volvos.  (more…)

Tesla’s New Semi Truck Meets the Hype

Truck travels 500 miles fully loaded on a single charge.

by on Nov.17, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shows off two version of the company's new semi truck.

Elon Musk’s mind-blowing, if oft-delayed semi-truck finally took center stage and if the numbers Tesla’s CEO tossed out are true, it’s a game changer.

“It blows my mind and I think it’ll blow yours,” he said after two models arrived as adoring Tesla fans screamed and shouted in delight.

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The new truck, which features a dramatically designed cab that puts the driver in the center, will travel 500 miles on a single charge. This range comes with the truck fully loaded at 80,000 pounds, driving highway speeds, Musk noted. It also comes with a 1-million mile guarantee.  (more…)

BYD Opening New Truck Plant in Canada

EV maker owned, in part, by legendary Warren Buffett.

by on Nov.16, 2017

BYD is building a second facility in North America to go with its U.S. headquarters building in Los Angeles: a truck plant in Ontario, Canada.

Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD Co. is preparing to launch its second venture in North America — a factory building electric trucks in Ontario, Canada.

The Chinese electric vehicle maker has already opened a small factory in Lancaster, California, just outside of Los Angeles to build electric buses for the American market. The plans for the plant in Canada anticipate a surge in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and businesses, BYD Canada officials said.

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The goal is for BYD to open the plant and hire about 40 people to start, BYD Canada spokesman Ted Dowling told Bloomberg.  (more…)

Ford Signs on for New EV Venture in China

More makers scrambling to partner up as China ups EV pressure.

by on Nov.08, 2017

Ying Jianren, board director of Zotye Auto, left, and Peter Fleet, president, Ford Asia Pacific, signed the new joint venture agreement.

Even as President Donald Trump landed in Beijing to talk about North Korea and other key issues such as trade, Ford Motor Co. announced it reached agreement with a Chinese partner to build a new line of electric vehicles for the burgeoning Chinese car market.

The new agreement with the Chinese company Zotye established a new venture called Zotye Ford Automobile Co. Ltd., a 50:50 joint venture that will offer affordable all-electric vehicles for consumers in China under a new indigenous brand.

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China has long pressed western carmakers to establish new brands in China. General Motors created the Baojun brand in 2010 specifically for the Chinese market. Ford, however, has held off until now.  (more…)

GOP Tax Plan Pulls Plug on EV Tax Credits

Automakers rally to try to save the credits.

by on Nov.06, 2017

Republicans in the House, led by Paul Ryan, unveiled a new tax code that eliminates the $7,500 EV tax credit.

If the Republican Party is supposed to be the friend of big business, the auto industry may need new friends after the unveiling of the new tax code proposal.

Though the new code does cut the taxation rate for corporations, it also eliminates the $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles: a credit that automakers have been relying on to make the vehicles more palatable to every day consumers.

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The Obama Administration established the credit to help spur sales. The credit can be applied to the first 200,000 electric vehicles sold by each carmaker. Combined with credits and rebate programs available in various states, EVs have become nearly as competitive on a pricing basis with gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.  (more…)

Mitsubishi’s Revolution Begins with E-Evolution

New electrified SUV features new exterior design language.

by on Oct.25, 2017

Mitsubishi's e-Evolution Concept marries the brand's off-road heritage with a focus on new styling and advanced technology.

Mitsubishi is looking to reinvigorate its image and the new e-Evolution Concept may just be the jolt of energy the company needs in the wake of its recent controversies.

The electrified high-performance sport-utility vehicle, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, embodies the company’s new mantra, “Drive your Ambition.”

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The company claims the prototype illustrates its new strategic direction by incorporating the strengths of the SUV and EV with the ability to integrate new systems for a connected mobility customer experience. (more…)

Honda Shutting Japanese Plant, Focusing on EV Production

Automaker looking to cut capacity by 25% in Japan.

by on Oct.04, 2017

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said the company would focus its manufacturing efforts on electric vehicles.

Japanese automaker Honda is shuttering its Sayama plant, north of Tokyo, in 2022 as the company shifts its focus to the production of electric vehicles.

CEO Takahiro Hachigo outlined the company’s plans today saying that due to sluggish auto sales in Japan, the company needed to reduce production levels and refocus on EV manufacturing to meet the ever-toughening demands of different markets around the globe.

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The closure of Sayama pushes the company toward its goal of cutting capacity by 24% in Japan. It will shift the plant’s output to its site in nearby Yorii, as well as most of the employees. The Sayama plant was capable of producing more than 250,000 vehicles annually, as is the Yorii site. (more…)

Investors Hammer Tesla as Model 3 Production Hits “Bottlenecks”

Overall 3Q production sets record.

by on Oct.03, 2017

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk reported the company is having some production issues, or bottlenecks, with its new Model 3.

Tesla sales hit an all-time record during the third quarter, but what caught the eye of nervous investors was the severe shortfall in production of the company’s critical new Model 3 battery sedan.

All told, Tesla delivered 26,150 vehicles during the July to September quarter. But that included just 260 of the new Model 3 sedans, well below the 1,500 Tesla had originally forecast due to what the automaker described as “production bottlenecks.”

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Investors responded to the news by driving down Tesla shares by as much as 2% Tuesday morning. It didn’t help that Tesla has gotten yet another poor review from Wall Street. Researchers at Cowen and Co. on Monday warned that Tesla stock is likely to “underperform.” (more…)

China Ups Pressure for Automakers to Go Electric

But Beijing delays production quotas until 2019.

by on Oct.02, 2017

The smog that covers Beijing and other large cities in China now has regulators examining a plan to eliminate vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

Faced with endemic smog problems in most of its major cities, China is ramping up pressure on the auto industry to switch to electric vehicles.

While it has raised the target for a new zero-emissions vehicle program, it has also cut automakers a little slack by postponing the start of the new program until 2019. Nonetheless, the industry now has to adapt to the idea of building more and more battery-based vehicles for the world’s largest car market — and Beijing regulators are strongly hinting they’re preparing to announce new rules that would phase out the internal combustion engine entirely.

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Critics of the plans warn that Chinese consumers may not accept the shift to electrified vehicles and also argue that without finding an alternative for the coal fired generators that dominate in most parts of China, the new mandates may simply shift the source of pollution from the tailpipe to the smokestack. (more…)

Porsche’s Mission E Compounds Problems for Tesla, Could Cripple Model S

California EV maker facing margin crunch as it struggles to claw into the black.

by on Sep.25, 2017

Tesla's Model S is facing pricing issues, in part, due to increased competition, like the upcoming Porsche Mission E.

For Tesla, the good news is that there are more than enough buyers standing in line for the new Model 3 than the California carmaker can handle through at least early 2019. The bad news is that demand has been sliding for the older Models S and X, forcing Tesla to slash prices by as much as $30,000.

And the challenge could soon get even tougher – for both Tesla’s high-line and lower-end products – as a flood of new competitors enter the market.

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That includes the Porsche Mission E, the German maker’s eagerly awaited first battery-electric vehicle. Set to go on sale in 2019, the German automaker’s CEO this month said that it will enter the market with a base price of “an entry-level Panamera,” or somewhere just south of $90,000. That would position it right on top of the base Tesla Model S. (more…)

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