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Attorneys General Will Sue if EPA Rolls Back CAFE

Easing the mandates may violate federal law.

by on Sep.05, 2017

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills said 14 states would file a lawsuit against the EPA if it eased CAFE standards, saying changes would violate federal law.

If the Trump Administration elects to rollback current and future emissions standards, 14 states plan to file a lawsuit forcing the current CAFE standards to remain in place.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it would reopen the review period for fuel economy and emissions standards set to go into full effect in 2025. Automakers initially hailed the move by the agency, but have since said they’re in favor of the tougher mandates.

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That hasn’t stopped the agency, led by former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a well-known climate-science skeptic, from moving ahead with the process. The EPA is still technically in the information gathering stage so no decisions have been made, but officials have essentially said they expect to make a change. (more…)