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First Look: 2011 DUB Edition Ford Mustang

Taking it to the street.

by on May.03, 2010

Ford teams with DUB magazine and Roush to come up with this hip-hop pony car.

For pony car fans, the first thing they might want to ask about the 2011 DUB Edition Ford Mustang is: “Where’s the pony?”

The familiar logo is nowhere to be found on the nose of the V6 coupe’s high-gloss black exterior, replaced by the DUB badge, itself a highly-recognized logo for the hip-hop generation.

The Dub Edition Mustang is a joint effort of Ford, DUB magazine and the Detroit-based tuner, Roush Industries, and together they’ve come up with a package which brings together some performance enhancements as well as distinctive appearance touches.

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“The Ford Mustang is the most customized vehicle in the world, and this collaboration pushes the boundaries even further,” said Fritz Wilke, Mustang brand manager.