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GM, UAW Settle Minutes Before Strike Deadline

Four-year contract expected to largely mirror Fiat Chrysler agreement.

by on Oct.26, 2015

Handshakes and smiles marked the opening of GM-UAW contract talks last July. Shown in front: GM CEO Barra, UAW Pres. Williams, GM negotiator Cathy Clegg and UAW bargainer Cindy Estrada.

General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union reached tentative agreement on a new four-year labor contract Sunday only minutes before the UAW’s midnight strike deadline.

While neither side would discuss details before a meeting of the union’s rank-and-file plant leaders, it was expected the tentative contract would adhere closely to the so-called “pattern” agreement at Fiat Chrysler that won worker approval last week.

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“We believe that this agreement will present stable long-term, significant wage gains and job security commitments to UAW members now and in the future,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “We look forward to presenting the details of these gains to local union leaders and the membership.”


Last-Minute Deal Averts Strike at Fiat Chrysler

Two sides hope workers will give nod to second contract proposal.

by on Oct.08, 2015

FCA CEO Marchionne and UAW Pres. Williams were all smiles as they began contract talks.

With workers ready to take to the street, Fiat Chrysler managed to hammer out a second tentative contract settlement with the United Auto Workers Union just minutes before the midnight deadline on Wednesday.

Negotiators from both sides faced pressure to come up with a better deal than the one originally delivered last month but then rejected by a nearly two-to-one margin in a vote by FCA’s 40,000 U.S. hourly workers. Neither side was willing to discuss details of the new agreement ahead of a Friday morning meeting of UAW leaders.

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“FCA US confirms that it has reached a new tentative agreement with the UAW,” read a statement issued by the automaker minutes after the 11:59 pm deadline. “Because the agreement is subject to UAW member ratification, the Company cannot discuss the specifics of the agreement pending a vote by UAW members.”


Key Reasons Why UAW Workers May Walk the Picket Line

And why Fiat Chrysler may be willing to take a strike.

by on Oct.07, 2015

Workers at FCA's Toledo, Ohio, plant could be the first to walk out if a deal doesn't come soon.

The clock is rapidly ticking away towards an 11:59 PM deadline that could see Fiat Chrysler face its first strike in years. The United Autoworkers Union set the walkout threat after its members voted down their original contract offer and talks aimed at sweetening the deal appeared to stall.

The vote was an embarrassment for UAW leaders, especially new President Dennis Williams, who is leading contract talks with Detroit’s Big Three for the first time. He had originally set a cooperative tone, insisting a strike would be a “failure,” but he also stressed that he would not shy away from a confrontation, if that’s what it would take.

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Here are some of the key reasons why the UAW may be ready to strike – and why FCA might be willing to risk a confrontation that industry analysts warn could cost it as much as $1 billion a week in lost revenue. (more…)

UAW Reloading for New Talks with Fiat Chrysler

Union leaders assure rank-and-file message received with no vote.

by on Oct.06, 2015

UAW President Dennis Williams told FCA workers that he's gotten the message as the union prepares for a new round of talks with Fiat Chrysler.

The United Auto Workers is inching back towards a new round of negotiations with Fiat Chrysler, following the rejection of a tentative agreement reached last month that included pay increases, but failed to meet the expectations of union members.

The scope of the rejection came into focus this week when the union disclosed that more than 80% of FCA’s 40,000 unionized employees voted during the ratification election and 65% voted no, meaning that more than the contract lost by more than 10,000 votes.

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Shifting the 10,000 votes over to the “yes” column represent a tall order for union leadership. Both UAW President Dennis Williams and UAW vice president Norwood Jewel, who led the efforts with FCA, used social media channels to assure union members that they had gotten the message and were willing to address concerns raised during the ratification campaign. (more…)

UAW Workers Reject Fiat Chrysler Contract

Strike could be looming for both FCA and for Ford.

by on Oct.01, 2015

FCA CEO Marchionne and UAW Pres. Williams were all smiles as they began contract talks.

A strike could be looming in the near future for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, now that 40,000 workers represented by the United Auto Workers Union have rejected the carmaker’s tentative contract.

The UAW announced the results after the last major FCA assembly plant, in Sterling Heights, Michigan, turned thumbs down on the controversial agreement, which had generated widespread criticism by union activists. Almost 70% of the workers in Sterling Heights rejected the four-year proposal, according to a website run by the union local.

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The announcement comes as a major setback for UAW leaders, especially new President Dennis Williams who was overseeing his first round of national contract talks. The question now is whether the UAW can go back and renegotiate improvements to the agreement without a confrontation. Going into this year’s auto talks, Williams had said he would be willing to strike, if necessary, but said he would consider that possibility a “failure.”


FCA, UAW Reach Tentative Contract

Union now turns attention to Ford, GM.

by on Sep.16, 2015

UAW Pres. Dennis Williams had been willing to strike - but said that would have meant failure.

After a marathon push meant to avert a possible confrontation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reached a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers that is expected to become a template for contracts with the General Motors and Ford Motor Co., as well.

The settlement was announced more than 19 hours after the union granted FCA U.S. an hour-by-hour extension of the previous 4-year contract to avert a potential costly strike that could have proved costly to both sides.

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While specific details have not been released, UAW President Dennis Williams said the settlement with FCA meets all three of the union’s top objectives, among them job security, better wages and improvements for second-tier workers earnings barely half as much as senior colleagues.


GM, UAW in it “Together” as Contract Talks Open

But “I’m not afraid of confrontation,” says union chief.

by on Jul.13, 2015

Handshakes and smiles mark the opening of GM-UAW contract talks. Shown in front: GM CEO Barra, UAW Pres. Williams, GM negotiator Clegg and UAW bargaining chief Estrada.

Compared to the last time they squared off four years ago, there was a very different mood in the air as negotiators from General Motors and the United Auto Workers shook hands and offered smiles for the cameras Monday morning, marking the start of their quadrennial contract talks.

As they sat down to hammer out a new contract in 2011, the memory of the devastating recession that drove GM into bankruptcy was still fresh. This time, the giant automaker is generating billions in profits and looking to grow even more. But the UAW clearly wants to get its share of that growth, especially for new GM employees who have been stuck in second-tier status that, noted union Pres. Dennis Williams, barely makes them qualify as middle-class.

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In nearly identical blue shirts, Williams and GM CEO Mary Barra wore matching smiles and spoke repeatedly about working ”together” to find “creative solutions. But while he cautioned that a strike was not a goal but a sign of failure, Williams also declared “I’m not afraid of confrontation” during a media Q&A session.


UAW Elects Williams New President

New union chief faces tough times ahead.

by on Jun.04, 2014

Dennis Williams was elected the 11th president of the UAW by delegates in Detroit today. Photo credit: UAW.

In what was a foregone conclusion, union delegates today elected Dennis Williams president of the UAW, replacing the retiring Bob King. Williams, who was the union’s secretary-treasurer, crushed his only challenger, Gary Walkowicz, a Local 600 leader from Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant.

Walkowicz has been critical of many of the UAW’s policies, including the recently approved 25% increase in monthly dues. Williams carried more than 90% of the vote with 3,215 of a possible 3,270 votes.

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“It’s humbling,” Williams said during a short meeting with the media following his victory, according to the Detroit News. “I’m excited for our union.” (more…)

Struggling for Cash, the UAW May Raise Dues for 1st Time Since 1967

Membership down by nearly 75%.

by on Dec.03, 2013

The UAW is considering raising its membership dues for the first time since 1967.

Its membership tumbling sharply and a long-running effort to organize foreign-owned makers still in limbo, the United Auto Workers Union is looking at the possibility of raising its dues by 25% – for the first time since 1967.

While still considered the richest of America’s unions, the UAW has faced increasing troubled in recent years, with membership declining, organizing efforts stalling and rising costs forcing it to slash expenses. Despite an estimated $1 billion in assets, there have been ongoing concerns about the UAW’s long-term viability, as well as its political clout.

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According to a report from the Reuter’s news service, the Detroit-based autoworkers union would like to raise dues by as much as 25%. For the average worker, that would amount to paying the equivalent of 2.5 hours wages per month, up from the current 2 hours. Dues vary depending upon pay grade, however, so if the increase is approved, a veteran line worker at one of the Detroit Big Three would pay about $70.32 a month, while a recently hired employee on a second-tier pay scale would shell out around $39.45. (more…)

UAW Names Next President

Appointment of Dennis Williams comes amidst leadership shake-up.

by on Nov.08, 2013

Dennis Williams is expected to become the next president of the United Auto Workers Union.

Local union leaders have selected Dennis Williams, the union’s current secretary-treasurer, as the United Auto Workers Union’s next president amidst what is expected to be a substantial change in the union’s top leadership.

Under the arcane procedures used to select the union’s top officers, the UAW’s administrative leaders picked the 58-year-old Williams as their official nominee to succeed current president, Bob King, at the union’s constitutional convention next June in Detroit.

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The public announcement followed a caucus meeting in Dearborn.  Off-the-record discussions with union officials, both active and retired, had indicated that Williams was the overwhelming favorite to succeed King. “You hear lots of things but the decision already been made,” said one knowledgeable insider before the caucus convened.


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