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by on Oct.09, 2009

Toyota’s Big Bucks Marketing & Ad Spend

Despite a significant drop in retail sales since CARS, aka Clunkers, made them king of the hill, Toyota, according to industry reports is about to spend $1 billion … yes the “b” word on marketing and advertising in the fourth quarter which started a few days ago.

It will be interesting to follow this huge jump in spending to see (a) where the media bucks are going and (b) what the creative will be. Toyota’s ads have been rather bland and lackluster except for the Prius and that’s not exceptional. Toyota’s choice of media from what I have seen, heard and/or read is suspect.

Like Goofy Motors, their advertising is creatively challenged and lacking in focus, much less a rational, believable raison d’être. The brand’s loss of sales and market share, the quality recalls and now the legal predicament need more than an emergency room triage fix. This is major life support for the brand and its dealers.

That said, Toyota is to be complimented on this aggressive and dynamic move. They can and should set the pace for the automotive industry not just in cars sold, but also in their approach to marketing.

Play It Again Sven … Please

DDB Stockholm, Volkswagen’s Swedish advertising agency recently launched a campaign dedicated to the idea that something as simple as happiness is the easiest way to get people to change habits and attitudes.

Like getting people to do some physical exercise by skipping the escalator and walking up the stairs – better for the individual to get the exercise of walking than riding. Make it easy. Make it fun. Make it like this. for a truly enjoyable, fun and motivating commercial.

And getting people to pick-up or dispose of trash can be a daunting task, except if it’s done with humor, style and good natured. Here is another from DDB for .

Gyrating Motors Newest Caddy Ad – YGBK!

Fritz Henderson in 2010 Cadillac SRX.

Fritz Henderson in 2010 Cadillac SRX.

The new Cadillac SRX advertising of its smart looking crossover running through the usual scenic backdrops has seeming countless supers exclaiming, proclaiming many attributes using various “re” words – reinvigorate for example.

Now a one-word review: regurgitate.

Then there’s the Buick LaCrosse’s selection – paid of course — as the official automobile of the 2nd Annual New York City Wine and Food Festival., a huge event for the city known for its many foodies.