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CAR President Assumes Chairman’s Role; David Cole retires

New leader wants auto think tank to grow by 25 percent.

by on Oct.01, 2010

CAR President and CEO Jay Baron has added the title of chairman.

Just as the auto industry is at a crossroads, so is one its major think tanks, the Center for Automotive Research.

Now, CAR will move forward with a new leader. CAR President and CEO Jay Baron will take on the the role of chairman, replacing the organization’s long-time leader, David Cole, who is now chairman emeritus. He said that the industry needs the research and direction that CAR provides.

Movers and Shakers!

“We are facing one of the greatest technological challenges every thrust upon an industry – to improve fuel economy,” Baron said.

He said that his plan is to grow the organization by as much as 25 percent so it can answer difficult questions such as what green jobs will look like in the future, whether Washington is making the right policy decisions for cars, how much will people pay for fuel economy, how to address safety and others.

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