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Chevy Speeds into Geneva with Corvette Grand Sport

Latest ‘Vette variant blends best of Stingray and Z06.

by on Mar.02, 2016

The new Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

For the most part, American automakers have been keeping a painfully low profile at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, leaving it to overseas competitors. But even though the brand has largely abandoned the European market, Chevrolet did have something to show off during a show with a heavy emphasis on power and performance.

Think of the new Corvette Grand Sport as a hybrid of the “base” Stingray and the steroid-laden Z06. Picking up on some classic design cues and adding better brakes and wider wheels, among other things, the Grand Sport promises to fill a nice gap between the two current models.

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“We didn’t hold back with the new Grand Sport,” Tadge Juechter, the chief engineer on the Corvette program, said ahead of the new model’s debut at Geneva’s PALExpo convention center.

The Grand Sport retains the naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 found in the Corvette Stingray. And like that model, it will turn out 460 horsepower.


Corvetitis – How an Unlikely Concept Became “America’s Sports Car”

A dream car prepares for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

by on Jul.17, 2012

Perhaps the most popular Corvette model ever, the 1963 "Split-Window."

Okay, we’re about half way between the Chevrolet Corvette’s 59th birthday, June 30, and the Woodward Dream Cruise, August 18—at which there likely will be more Corvettes parading than any other model.

For one thing, America’s only mass-production sports car has never changed its name, unless you count the abbreviated ‘Vette moniker, or the Stingray designation used on a few ‘60s models. That helps, in an industry where Chevy II became Nova, Chevelle became Malibu and a lot of once-familiar car names like Plymouth, Pontiac and Mercury just disappeared.

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I can claim to have been on hand for the original viewing of the Corvette as an Autoshow Queen at GM’s Motorama in New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in January 1953.  I’m sure it was the sensation of the show, but in all honesty—sorry for the disappointment—I have no memory of it whatsoever.  At college, I had a friend who was also a car nut, but of the more exotic type.  He matched my humble Plymouth sedan with his baby blue Sunbeam Alpine, identical to the car Grace Kelly drove in “To Catch a Thief.”


Chevy Revives the Corvette Stingray

Look for it on the silver screen, rather than in the showroom.

by on Feb.11, 2009

Corvette Stingray Concept: From silver screen to showroom?

Corvette Stingray Concept: From silver screen to showroom?

It was once a name to be reckoned with, arguably the ultimate American muscle car. But after a more than three-decade absence, the Corvette Stingray is making an unexpected re-appearance at the Chevrolet stand at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show.

The concept vehicle, which took two years to bring to fruition, was one of the most tightly-kept secrets at General Motors, according to Ed Welburn, GM’s vice president of design, after the striking silver sports car made its stealth appearance on the floor of McCormick Place.

“There were a lot of people on the design staff who didn’t know about his vehicle,” said Welburn.