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Consumer Reports Finally Gets First Impression of Karma

Magazine finds the car to be heavy, cramped and the electrical gremlins continue.

by on Mar.20, 2012

Consumer Reports offered its initial impression of the Fisker Karma after having to send it back to the dealer because of a battery problem.

Now that Consumer Reports has its Fisker Karma back from it’s emergency trip to the dealer, the magazine is ready to share its initial thoughts on the car.

In it’s first impression video, CR‘s Tom Mutchler starts by saying the obvious – the Karma is simply beautiful. Maybe more car designers should start car companies, only to have to give up the CEO’s chair … well, that’s another story.


Consumer Reports‘ initially purchased the $108,000 extended-range electric vehicle, but had to have it towed on a flatbed truck back to the dealer after nothing more involved than a speed calibration test. Fisker returned the car after two days with a new battery pack, replaced under warranty, of course.


Fisker Repairs Magazine’s Karma

Company spokesman: The Karma did exactly what it was supposed to.

by on Mar.14, 2012

Consumer Reports' Fisker Karma is back after technicians found a problem with the vehicle's wiring harness/battery and replaced it.

Two days after the Fisker Karma purchased by Consumer Reports died during initial testing, the luxury extended-range electric vehicle is back and the magazine said it is operating fine.

Last week, the magazine reported that a battery light on the instrument panel went on during a calibration run with just 180 miles on the odometer. After stopping the car, it locked itself in park. The dealer collected the car on a flatbed and returned it two days later.

Follow Up with Us!

Fisker spokesman Russell Datz told in an email that the issue was tracked to a “high-voltage isolation fault” in the wiring harness/battery pack unit. The company replaced the wiring harness/battery pack unit under warranty.