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China Phasing Out JV Rule Limiting Foreign Auto Plant Ownership

Rule has been major chafing point with foreign manufacturers – also helped build up domestic Chinese auto industry.

by on Apr.17, 2018

China is phasing out the rules requiring foreign automakers to adopt a Chinese company for a joint venture to do business.

China announced plans to phase out rules requiring foreign automakers to partner with domestic Chinese companies if they want to open an assembly plant in the booming market. The announcement comes barely a week after President Xi Jinping indicated the country would begin rolling back its 25% tariff on foreign-made autos.

The rule required companies like General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota to give local companies like GAC and SAIC a 50% stake in their Chinese operations. That approach not only limited their profits but effectively also helped fund the development of the domestic Chinese auto industry, a number of those manufacturers now setting up brands of their own that they hope to turn into worldwide competitors.

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“Following a five-year transition period, all ownership restrictions will be lifted,” the National Development and Reform Commission said in a statement. (more…)

GM’s Barra Pushes For Government Help with China EV Sales

CEO says automaker will meet the mandates.

by on Sep.15, 2017

GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra said consumers in China will need government enticements to buy EVs in the numbers it wants.

If the Chinese government wants a flood of electric vehicles racing around the streets of its largest cities, GM CEO Mary Barra believes they’re going to need to provide some substantial incentives to consumers to lure them behind the wheel.

Barra, who was speaking at company event in Shanghai, said the move toward new-energy vehicles, or NEVs, will require the government to entice a market that is very comfortable with gasoline-powered cars to make the switch along with viable products.

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“While we are exploring all channels to boost NEV sales, building raw consumer acceptance of NEVs will depend on continued joint effort between the government and automakers,” Barra said, according to Reuters. (more…)

China Could Be Next to Ban Cars Using Internal Combustion Engines

Would join growing list of countries moving to ban gas, diesel vehicles.

by on Sep.11, 2017

The smog the covers Beijing and other large cities in China now has regulators examining a plan to eliminate vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

With numerous cities already taking steps to limit the sale of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, Chinese regulators are looking at options for a total ban, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Struggling to address endemic air pollution problems plaguing many of its cities, China has already set a target of having 20% of its new models powered by plug-in hybrid or pure battery-electric powertrains by 2025 – though industry officials have been pressing the government to roll back that mandate.

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The Asian nation, which is the world’s largest automotive market, is just one on a growing list of countries considering such a ban. (more…)

Chevrolet Finds New Road Cruiser in Shanghai with FNR-X Concept

“Clear masculine lines” and some cutting-edge technologies.

by on Apr.20, 2017

Officials says that the FNR-X isn't a sure thing for China, but at the Shanghai Motor Show purely to gauge interest.

Chevrolet is taking its current tagline, “Find New Roads” to new extremes – at least in China – with the second in a series of concept vehicles debuting this week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The latest one, using shorthand, is the FNR-X, a concept version of what could be a radical take on a plug-in crossover-utility vehicle. Initial impressions suggests it would go into the emerging market for downsized utes like the Toyota C-HR and Honda HR-V.

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The FNR-X adopts a “powerful, attractive design language,” with “clear, masculine lines,” says Chevy, including an aggressive nose that could have been lifted off the Camaro, a high beltline and a floating roof. But the most eye-catching feature is the concept’s use of rear suicide doors, minus the traditional B-pillars, providing easy and dramatic access to its interior. (more…)

GM, Ford Squeeze Out Small February Sales Gains in China

Small gains welcome after difficult January.

by on Mar.10, 2017

Matt Tsien, who heads up GM China, said the steady stream of new product will help the automaker increase sales this year.

With both companies benefiting from the growing interest of Chinese buyers in sport-utility vehicles, General Motors and its joint ventures eked out a small sales increase of 0.4% on an annual basis, while Ford Motor Co. posted a 2% sales jump.

GM said its sales increase was led by the XT5 SUV, Cadillac kept up its momentum with double-digit growth for the twelfth consecutive month. Sales of the Baojun 510 SUV exceeded 6,000 units following its launch on Feb. 20, and contributed to the Baojun brand’s record deliveries. Cadillac and Baojun set February delivery records as GM and its partners delivered 246,730 vehicles last month.

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“The expanding SUV portfolio has helped us maintain our growth momentum,” said GM Executive Vice President and GM China President Matt Tsien. “The upcoming launch of the Chevrolet Equinox will further enhance our competitiveness in the fast-growing midsize SUV segment.” (more…)

China Shuts Down Autonomous Testing on Highways

Government finalizing rules for testing self-driving vehicles.

by on Jul.20, 2016

No Teslas will be running on Autopilot in China as the government has just issued a moratorium on on-highway testing.

The Chinese government has seen enough and the only autonomous vehicle testing activity it’s going to allow for now near the public is self-parking.

Officials warned automakers that there should be no on-road testing of self-driving vehicles until the rules for those exercises are finalized. Currently, the Ministry of Information Technology and police have an early draft of potential regulations, but nothing has been finalized, said She Weizhen, head of the ministry’s auto department, recently. There is no deadline set for when those rules should be ready, according to Bloomberg News.

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China’s move comes as the U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced plans to release new guidelines for the ongoing development of self-driving vehicles later this summer. (more…)

GM Sales in China Rise in June

Buyers in world's largest market still gobbling up SUVs and MPVs.

by on Jul.07, 2016

GM Executive Vice President and GM China President Matt Tsien reported that the company's sales were up 11.2% in June.

General Motors continued to expand sales across China in the ongoing contest for position atop the world’s largest market for new vehicles.

GM and its joint ventures reported record June deliveries in China of 273,563 units, which was up 11.2% on an annual basis. The Buick, Cadillac and Baojun brands had their best June ever.

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Its strong performance in June enabled GM to set a first half record for deliveries in China. Demand was up 5.3% from the first six months of 2015 to 1.81 million units. (more…)

China Raises Red Alert on Pollution

Government orders changes to clean air.

by on Dec.10, 2015

The pollution in China has gotten so bad due, in part, to scenes like this that the government implemented its Red Alert protocol.

Carmakers have been feeling the pinch from the slowdown in the Chinese economy, which has brought the growth of new car sales in China back towards earth.

But the first ever “Red Alert” pollution curbs have been ordered in the sprawling Beijing area, which contains more residents than most European countries or American states. The anti-pollution order included curbs on everything from the outdoor barbecues used by street vendors to giant factories and motorists, who have had to park their vehicles on alternate days much as drivers do in heavily polluted mega-cities, such as Mexico City.

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Pollution in Beijing is hardly new phenomena. In fact, the BBC reported a survey of the air around the U.S. Embassy in the center of Beijing by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the air around the embassy compound could be considered healthy 49 % of the time. (more…)

Tianjin Disaster Locks Down Toyota China Production

Plant remains closed as detoxification efforts continue.

by on Aug.18, 2015

Thousands of burnt out vehicles sit charred in after an explosion in Tianjin, China. Toyota's plant there remains closed.

The explosions in Tianjin, China, over the weekend that wiped out thousands of vehicles stored nearby are now wiping out thousands of vehicles yet to be built for Toyota, which has a plant in the area.

The facility, which it operates with partner FAW, remains closed as an evacuation order for the area remains in effect until Aug. 19. Chinese authorities are working to clean up the remnants of the blasts, including detoxification efforts due to the chemicals involved.

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The explosions happened at plant owned by Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co. Ltd., which has a history of violating rules related to international shipping, according to reports. The blasts killed 114 people and injured 700 more. More than 70 people are still missing, according to Bloomberg. (more…)

Massive Explosion Torches 8,000 Vehicles in China

Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, Renault, Toyota suffer losses.

by on Aug.13, 2015

Thousands of charred vehicles after two explosions in Tianjin, China, wiped out 8,000 vehicles and injured more than 700 people and killed 50.

More than 7,500 vehicles went up in flames in the Chinese port city of Tianjin after two massive explosions at a nearby factory that killed 50 people and injured 700 more. The cause of the explosions is unknown at this time.

About 4,000 Hyundai-Kia vehicles, 2,750 Volkswagens and 1,500 Renaults that were waiting to be loaded and shipped from the port were destroyed, according to multiple reports.

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Toyota also lost an unknown number of vehicles in the explosion, a Toyota spokesman told Automotive News, adding two employees at a nearby Toyota dealership were also injured by broken glass, but no one was killed. (more…)

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