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New King in the Pony Car Wars

Camaro trounces Mustang for the first time since 1985.

by on Jan.05, 2011

The winner and new champion...

The automotive equivalent of the Hatfields versus the McCoys has been roundly resolved – at least for the moment, anyway.

For the first time since 1985, the Chevrolet Camaro has trounced its cross-town rival in the pony car wars, the Ford Mustang.

But who’ll take the crown this year is anything but certain.  Both clans are arming themselves for another shoot-out.  Chevrolet is readying the long-delayed Camaro Convertible, while Ford not only has the big Boss 302 on tap, but also a pair of new powertrains for both the base and Mustang GT models.

Competition, it’s often said, improves everyone’s game.  That assessment was questionable for many years.  While Ford firmed up its hold on the pony car segment, Chevy and now-abandoned Pontiac seemed to be just going through the motions for many years, finally calling it quits and pulling their Camaro and Firebird twins from the market, a decade ago.


Camaro Kicks Mustang’s Derriere. Again!

Nine months running, the original pony car loses the sales race?

by on Mar.05, 2010

How sweet it is to trounce Mustang.

Chevrolet Camaro extended its lead in the U.S. sports car segment in February, posting 6,482 total sales.

This is a 21% increase when compared to January results and easily outpaces the original pony car, the fading Ford Mustang at 5,115.

Year-to date, it’s Camaro, 11,853 in sales and Mustang at 9,862.

More importantly from a trend line point of view, Chevrolet Camaro has now outsold the Ford Mustang for nine consecutive months – while being production constrained all the way.

Ford seems to be taking a “wait until next year” attitude?

GM’s Oshawa, Canada, Assembly Plant has been running Saturday overtime since June 2009 to keep up with demand for Camaro.

Where, oh where, is now retired Ford sales executive Bob Rewey, when Ford needs him, Mustang aficionados might ask?

Overshadowed by an upstart from a bankrupt company? "Rewey" the day...

With this ongoing rout, there is no doubt that Rewey, who arguably moved more metal than any other Ford sales executive since Lido Anthony Iacocca, would be on the phone with key dealers and pushing through the packages and promotions that would — at the very least – let Alan Batey, the new vice president, sales and service at Chevrolet, know that this ball game is going into extra innings.

Ford did not respond to our requests for clarification and comment, basically the same approach it’s taking in the marketplace.

Moreover, it’s not only the Mustang in Camaro’s rearview mirror. Such formidable competitors as the Nissan 370Z, at 1,372 sales YTD and Dodge Challenger, 3,828 YTD, are eating Camaro dust as well.   (more…)