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On the Road to the Geeks’ Final Four

Could these roboteers design a future replacement of the Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon?

by on May.03, 2012

We stop for a picture outside the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis while robots do battle inside.

ST. LOUIS – Someday, the high-energy teenagers competing at the FIRST Robotics World Championship may be the ones designing some future successor to this Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon.

In fact, General Motors is counting on it. That’s why the automaker sponsors 74 teams in the international competition. In fact, the company estimates that it has reached 10,000 students – in the last year alone.

We were in St. Louis because our son is a member of the H.O.T. Team #67, which is a partnership between GM’s Milford Proving Grounds and Huron Valley Schools in Milford, Mich. Every year, proving ground engineers with the highly decorated team mentor the high school students as they build a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. FIRST introduces a new game every year so each robot has to be designed to play that year’s game.

Bringing Robots to the People!

The goal behind FIRST is to encourage young people to study science, technology, engineering and technology (STEM). And GM is hoping some of those young people might be the next designers, engineers and technologists who will make some future generation of what is generally recognized as the automaker’s best car.

Truth be told, the current version is already pretty good.


First Drive: Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

CTS Sport Wagon adds practical space to GM's best car.

by on Sep.24, 2010

Cadillac's CTS Sport Wagon adds a significant amount of space while building on the sedan's great styling.

That Cadillac’s CTS sedan is the brand’s most important product goes without saying. Now, Cadillac is copying from the playbook of many other successful automakers such as BMW and Audi by expanding the lineup of its best car.

For 2010, Cadillac added this sleek Sport Wagon to the lineup. And just hitting showrooms now is the sexy coupe along with a go-faster V-Series version.

Car reviews!

From the front doors forward, the wagon is pure CTS, and that’s a good thing. The styling is the latest interpretation of Cadillac’s “Art and Science” design, which it introduced with the 1999 Evoq concept car.

It also means that the sedan’s excellent 3.0-liter (new for 2010) and 3.6-liter V-6s carry over as well. Either way, power goes through a 6-speed automatic transmission with manumatic shifting.