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by on Dec.11, 2009

Eight days and out!

Not too long ago the line workers in automobile factories used the phrase, “30 and Out!” meaning after thirty years one could retire with full pension and benefits. GM’s new executive paradigm beats the old by 29 years and 358 days without pension or benefits.

Mike Richards departed the once venerated company’s Buick division after just 8 days on the job. Eight days! Probably hadn’t found the way to his office in the Ren Cen or the men’s room in that short a time.



Another familiar name with strong GM ties that will be absent is Tony Hopp, CEO of Campbell-Ewald Company, Chevrolet’s looooooong time advertising agency and keeper of the diminishing brand flame. Hopp is being replaced by Bill Ludwig who moves from CCO – chief creative officer – to CEO. Talk about timing.

With so many empty and important organization chart rectangles to be filled – starting with the CEO title – and the recruiting of advertising agencies to try to resuscitate comatose brand marketing, head hunters and agency search firms must be salivating with joy.

Jeep’s new print ads, a short review

A conceptual ad that is beyond the comprehension of the reviewer.

A conceptual ad that is beyond the comprehension of the reviewer.

The copy payoff line states, “I live. I ride. I am. JEEP”

My Review: Huh?

Chief Creative Officers at big agencies make BIG bucks.

According to a 117-page survey conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the trade group for ad agencies, CCO’s at large U.S. agencies billed $964 per hour to clients last year while senior account and media execs averaged $533 and $478 per hour.