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Renault TV Launches Today

First broadcast channel from an automaker?

by on Jan.28, 2010

The maker is the message and the medium.

Renault TV debuted this morning with the claim it is the first international television station from an automaker.

Renault TV in France is on channel 349 on Canalsat, and in the UK on Sky Guide 883. The potential audience is 30 million.

Whether British viewers take this as another Norman invasion is subject to wry speculation on our part.

The channel offers news on the latest models and has “magazines and entertainment” for all audiences.

“Renault is not a brand like the others – Renault innovates for everybody, not just the privileged few! It is a real ‘people-centric’ brand, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world today,” claims Stephen Norman, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Renault.

Renault TV is an extension of , which launched in March 2009. The company claims that its average visit time of 15 minutes, rivals with the best video program sites on the internet, citing 20 minutes for BBC iPlayer.

Auto TV!

The latest broadcast TV development is counter to the major trend among automakers, who are increasingly abandoning television in favor of what is thought to be more targeted, and therefore more efficient, internet marketing.