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First Look: 2019 BMW X4

Longer, lower, wider.

by on Feb.14, 2018

The 2019 BMW X4 grows in all dimensions but one, with its roofline lowered a mere 0.1 inches.

BMW is blowing a kiss to fans of its Sports-Activity Vehicle line-up, giving a first look on Valentine’s Day at the next-generation X4.

The Bavarian automaker has been filling in just every possible niche with its SAVs, most recently debuting the new X2 so, it seems, it’s heading back to refresh the rest of the line-up. If you get a sense of déjà vu, no surprise, considering the 2019 X4 shares most of its underpinnings with the latest BMW X3.

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“The second-generation BMW X4 brings together a distinctive, dynamic silhouette with a clear, pared-back use of forms,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.


BMW Adds Two More Doors to 4-Series Gran Coupe

Geneva debut planned.

by on Feb.04, 2014

BMW calls the new 4-Series Gran Coupe a 4+1.

If you haven’t kept track of things at BMW lately you might have missed the maker’s new naming strategy.  To boil it down to basics: sedans have odd-number designations, such as the classic BMW 3-, 5-, and 7-Series models.  Even numbers are reserved for two-door coupes and convertible.

That is, except when you’re talking about coupe-like four-doors such as the 2015 BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe, the latest in a fast-growing line-up of all-new models from the Bavarian maker.

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The 4-Series is itself new, BMW moving to put a little more space between the classic 3-er sedan and the sporty coupe.  The Gran Coupe, meanwhile, comes in about a half-inch longer and wider, albeit a good 1.5 inches lower, than the 3-Series sedan.  That’s good news for rear seat passengers who appear to lose a little headroom due to the more coupe-like roofline.


BMW Sees Big Year Ahead

But there are big risks ahead.

by on Mar.14, 2012

One of many new models: the 6-Series Grand Coupe is BMW's first-ever 4-door coupe.

The BMW Group is looking beyond the threat of a steep recession in Europe and is predicting another record year in 2012.

Global growth, from the recovering U.S. market to the boom in luxury demand in emerging markets like China, Russia and Brazil should play a big role in the year ahead, according to the Bavarian maker’s chief executive.  Significantly, BMW ended 2011 as the number one luxury maker in the still-critical American market, the first time it has ever beaten all comers, including Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.

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“We are targeting new highs in sales volume and pre-tax earnings for 2012”, stated Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG at the Annual Accounts Press Conference in Munich on Tuesday.


BMW Sets Sales and Profit Records

Maker forecasting even better 2012.

by on Mar.09, 2012

New products, like the M6 and 6-Series Grand Coupe, shown here at their Geneva debut, should yield another good year for BMW, the maker predicts.

A mix of new products and a resurgent luxury market paid off handsomely for the BMW Group last year, the Bavarian maker reporting all-time records for sales, unit volume and earnings.

While there were a few weak points, 2011 marked some significant milestones, company officials noted – BMW notably pushing past rivals Lexus and Mercedes-Benz, for the first time, to become the best-selling luxury brand in the critical U.S. market.

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“The past year has been the best year in the BMW Group’s corporate history, proclaimed Norbert Reithofer, the Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “We have achieved new sales volume, revenues and earnings highs, and exceeded our targets.”

With additional products, notably including the all-new 3-Series on tap for 2012, the BMW Group forecasts that sales volumes will continue to develop positively in the current year.


BMW Muscles Up with New M6

Maker offering both coupe and convertible models.

by on Mar.07, 2012

BMW tech chief Klaus Draeger reveals the new M6 (l) and Grand Coupe

There was a time when BMW’s vaunted M products were in short supply, European performance fans sometimes having to wait a year or more for one of the exclusive models as they came and went from production.

Not anymore.  While individual products might have brief gaps between  model changeovers the overall M line-up is growing fast – even faster if you include the new M Performance line-up, such as the maker’s new M550d triple-turbo diesel-powered rocket ship that is on display at the Geneva Motor Show.

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The formal introduction of that brand-within-a-brand was one of several big announcements at Geneva’s PALExpo Convention Center this week, but the big news was clearly the unveiling of the next-generation BMW M6.

Based on the 6-Series Cabriolet that came to market early last year, and the Coupe that followed soon after, it is the most-powerful two-door BMW has ever offered, with its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 making 560 horsepower – a full 20 hp more than the same engine currently churns out under the hood of the BMW M5.


First Look: BMW M135i Concept

TwinPower turbo for this tortoise-shelled screamer.

by on Feb.24, 2012

BMW will add a production of the M135i Concept to its new M Performance brand.

We’re starting to wonder what’s going to be left to see when we get to the Geneva Motor Show next month.  Between inadvertent leaks – see our coverage of the Volvo V40 and Audi A3 yesterday – and advanced releases it seems like a sizable share of the 50-some previews will already be old news.

That included a whole host of BMW products that the maker offered up in advance earlier this month.  But now, it seems, it almost forgot to clue us in on one final Geneva show car: the BMW M135i Concept.


The designation might seem odd.  You might recall that with the 2011 BMW 1-Series pocket rocket the maker chose to call it the 1M, so as not to sully the legend of its original M1 supercar.  Well, the Geneva concept is very definitely not a change of heart.  The longer M135i designation reveals it is a prototype for the new mid-range BMW M Performance brand-within-a-brand.


BMW Reveals New High-Performance Diesel Line

New M550d matches M5 off the line with 50% better mileage.

by on Jan.26, 2012

The new BMW M550d diesel will all but match the performance of the vaunted M5 gas model - but yield 50% better mileage.

Confirming a report first posted by last summer, BMW will introduce an all-new line-up of high-performance diesel cars, including the new triple-turbo M550d that will all but match the off-the-line performance of the Bavarian maker’s celebrated, gas-powered M5.

The new diesel performance cars will debut later this year for sale through the company’s new M Performance brand.

The M-badged diesels will be officially introduced at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and underscore the significant transformation of diesel power in recent years.

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As BMW highlights in a recent series of commercials, diesel technology is no longer something buyers must suffer through as a trade-off for good mileage. But the fact that the new models could be some of the highest performers in the BMW line-up may nonetheless take potential customers by surprise.


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