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by on Apr.17, 2009

Where is the “D” in NAIAS?

Who says the annual North American International Auto Show has to be held at Detroit's Cobo Hall?

Who says the North American International Auto Show has to be held at Detroit's Cobo Hall?

The “Big 3″ have become the “Detroit 3″ and quite possibly, depending on the next few weeks, evolve into the “Detroit group of 1″ so why is it so damned important the North American International Automobile Show continue its reign at Cobo Hall in Detroit?

It’s not! This is a knee-jerk, xenophobic reaction to an important economic brouhaha that continues unabated in the State of Michigan’s judicial system. But, I suggest, in the court of automotive opinion is the real judiciary – the car companies with the $$$ — are getting a little tired of the tired, costly, dumpy, leaking roof venue and the appalling lack of attention their needs have been addressed.

Just a few miles North via I75 or Woodward is the former home of a testament to bad, inept  management and the one time home Detroit’s toothless Lion’s – the Pontiac Silverdome .

A vast structure with great parking, restaurants and hotels nearby, and great road access. It’s empty. Useless. And is up for sale.  Or could possibly be acquired through eminent domain.

While it’s too small for a full auto show, it could provide the basis of a venue to be developed with the $300 or so million waiting for use.  Hire a sensational architect. Build something really great. Make it the worldwide showplacefor new vehicle introductions. Oh, and hold it when the climate is much better, like during the Dream Cruise? Hmmm. Wouldn’t that be nice?