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Nvidia, Continental Partnering on New Autonomous Vehicle Tech

New deal seeks to accelerate system development.

by on Feb.13, 2018

Continental CEO Elmar Degenhart, left, and Jensen Huang, Nvidia founder and CEO, say their new deal will accelerate autonomous vehicle development.

Continental AG, the giant automotive supplier, and Nvidia, one of Silicon Valley’s fast-growing tech companies, are planning to combine their talents on system for self-driving cars.

The goal, the latest in a string of partnerships between technology and automotive companies, expects to have a product ready by 2021. Nvidia has already become a supplier of choice to customers in the automotive industry, such as Audi, that also have long-standing links to Continental.

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The companies said the system will be used for driver-assist safety features all the way up to cars with no steering wheel or pedals. Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, California, makes computer processing units and artificial intelligence, or AI, software that reads sensors and makes decisions for autonomous vehicles.  (more…)

Fake City Aims to Bring Autonomous Vehicles to the Real World

Michigan’s MCity meant to simulate – and repeat – potentially deadly driving situations.

by on Jul.20, 2015

An MCity test meant to prevent car-bicycle collisions.

It’s not quite up to Hollywood standards, and no one would confuse it for downtown Ann Arbor, but nobody’s going to be living in MCity, anyway. And those who’ll be working there won’t really care about the fake store fronts and the streets that run nowhere.

The 32-acre complex that has risen out of a grassy field on the back of the University of Michigan’s North Campus was designed for one reason: to “create an accelerated learning environment” that will help transform autonomous driving from a concept to reality, said Peter Sweatman, the head of the university’s Transportation Research Institute.

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While a number of automakers, as well as tech giant Google, are already testing autonomous vehicles on public roads, MCity will allow them “to take the unusual things that happen on the road and repeat them as often as we want,” helping to ensure that those vehicles will be able to deal with the range of challenges human drivers might face at one point or another.