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Texas Firm Gets Pentagon Support For Flying Car

Transformer-like concept to help troops sidestep ambushes?

by on Jul.16, 2010

Able to leap tall buildings -- and enemy ambushes -- in a single bound, the AVX Transformer TX concept.

It’s been the dream of automotive entrepreneurs since at least the days of Henry Ford, but now a Texas start-up made up mostly of aviation industry veterans is betting it can come up with the elusive combination of automobile and aircraft.

Bearing a bit of a similarity to a child’s transformer toy, which can quickly take on a variety of different shapes, the concept being developed by AVX Aircraft Co. has a distinct advantage over other efforts to mate wings and wheels on a single vehicle – Pentagon cash.

Let Your Imagination Fly!

Worried about the vulnerability of its troops to ambushes, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other booby-traps, U.S. military planners are taking a closer look at the AVX Transformer TX program.  Though the Pentagon has yet to actually place an order, its research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is about to invest $9 million in preliminary development.