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Why Is Apple Checking Out Fisker’s Emotion?

Battery-car prototype spotted during visit to Cupertino HQ.

by on Jun.29, 2017

A Fisker Emotion was spotted at Apple HQ in Silicon Valley. Could the tech firm be interested in using the EV as a platform for its autonomous system?

Is Henrik Fisker hoping to take a bit out of the Apple? Or, more accurately, is Apple interested in getting a taste of the Danish designer’s new Emotion battery-electric vehicle?

After long refusing to comment about its rumored plans to develop an autonomous vehicle, Apple is finally lifting the kimono, CEO Tim Cook recently describing that effort as “the mother of all AI projects.” But Apple reportedly shut down its own vehicle development program last year and apparently is looking for partners to work with on the hardware side.

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It is teaming up with Hertz to lease a handful of Lexus RX utility vehicles, media reports revealed this week. But longer-term? Apple was apparently looking at building its own battery-car before pulling the plug on that side of the project, so it eventually will need a partner to put its autonomous technology onto the road.


Samsung is Latest High-Tech Firm to Enter Autonomous Vehicle Race

Consumer electronics maker wants to build self-driving car components.

by on Dec.11, 2015

Samsung is already the world's biggest maker of computer chips, but lags in auto business.

One of the leaders in consumer electronics like smartphones and televisions, Samsung Electronics now wants to enter the automotive market.

The South Korean firm says it is particularly interested in joining the race to develop autonomous vehicles, a technology that has already drawn in such tech giants as Google and, apparently, Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone world, Apple.

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The first semi-autonomous vehicles are already on the road and fully self-driving vehicles could begin rolling out by 2020. But while traditional automakers such as General Motors, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are investing heavily in the technology, a new study suggests that high-tech firms like Google and Apple could wind up in the lead because of their fundamental software expertise.


Would You Buy an Apple Car?

Reports suggest tech giant working on its own autonomous vehicles.

by on Feb.16, 2015

It would be a big jump from making smartphones and smartwatches to a smart car for Apple.

Apple revolutionized the computer, the portable music player and the cellphone. Might it also be looking to change the way we drive? That’s the subject of intense speculation in recent days, several reports indicating the maker is looking to take on its high-tech rival Google – as well as traditional automakers like General Motors and Toyota – with its own autonomous vehicle.

The news is being taking seriously enough that investors have begun snapping up shares of several Chinese companies supposedly linked to the Apple project, including electric vehicle manufacturer BYD.

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Apple has already gotten a foot into the automotive world with its new CarPlay technology which helps sync the company’s iPhones to vehicle infotainment systems.

Supposedly known by the internal codename Titan, the new Apple project would go far beyond that. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, several hundred employees are now at work on a battery-powered minivan.