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P&G, AmEx Start Selling Cars

A Weekly Column of Marketing Minutia.

by on Feb.20, 2009

Get a card, buy a car...?

Get a card, buy a car...?

Even as the automobile industry falls deeper and deeper into a monetary abyss, there is marketing minutia. Moments, quotes, media releases, gaffes, news articles, commercials, ads and other arcana that is mystifying, mirthful or murky about the automobile business. Items like these:

American Express Offers Cars For Sale

There’s no shortage of second and third party websites to help potential car buyers get the best deal possible on a new car, but the card you can’t leave home without feels they deserve a bit of the booming car business.

The new Amex site offers a variety of special program Benefits including Low Upfront pricing, Buying Power for Big Savings, Great Dealer Service Experience and reward points too. At a very select list of dealers of course.