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Who Are America’s Worst (and Best) Drivers?

Hint: think political and highway gridlock.

by on Aug.29, 2012

Drivers in D.C. are far more likely than most to have a crash, according to an Allstate study.

Are you a good driver?  A new study by Ford Motor Co. suggests 99% of Americans will answer, “Yes.”  It’s always the other driver.

But where does the other guy live? That’s what Allstate set out to find and, as one of the nation’s oldest and largest automotive insurance companies, it has the data to deliver an answer.  Of course, there are any number of ways to define “worst.”  But Allstate didn’t look at rudest, most aggressive or even those with the most points on individual driving records.  It focused on where motorists had the most collisions.

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And there, the data pointed to the same town that also seems to have the worst gridlock in its core business – of government – Washington, D.C.

On the positive side, the new study found the best drivers are based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In fact, that’s the fifth time in the eight-year history of the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report” that Sioux Falls set the lead.


GM’s LaNeve Joins Allstate

LaNeve returns to marketing at the largest publicly held insurer.

by on Oct.12, 2009

“I look forward to helping Allstate reinvent the way customers think about protection."

“I look forward to helping Allstate reinvent the way customers think about protection."

Allstate (NYSE: ALL) today announced it has selected Mark LaNeve, 50, as chief marketing officer. LaNeve will oversee all marketing initiatives for the corporation, including brand stewardship, marketing and brand strategy, advertising, corporate identity, customer loyalty and field marketing.

In addition, LaNeve will serve as a member of the corporation’s senior management team, reporting to Thomas J. Wilson, Allstate’s chairman, president and chief executive officer. LaNeve will join Allstate effective October 26.

Fritz Henderson, General Motors CEO, announced LaNeve’s departure during a press conference last week. Henderson said LaNeve would be leaving for a job at a non-automotive company on October 15, and that an announcement of the new job would be forthcoming. Gm subsequently appointed Buick-GMC General Manager Susan Docherty as vice president of U.S. sales.

Year-to-date the Buick brand is off 37% and the GMC brand is down 41% in a market that declined only 27%.

LaNeve’s apparent sacking came less than one week after GM announced September sales results, which were off 45% compared to what was an unusually strong month in September in 2008. GM’s U.S. dealers delivered just 156,673 vehicles in September. Year-to-to-date GM sales are down more than 36%.

LaNeve was relieved of marketing responsibility at GM to make way for the return of Robert Lutz, who had previously announced his retirement. Lutz took the marketing portion of LaNeve’s job as LaNeve was shifted to sales.

We're Good Hands!

We're Good Hands!

LaNeve’s performance in sales is debatable. If you look at GM’s market share in September 2009, the latest available period, GM was clearly number one with 21% — that is more than four share points better than Toyota and about six share points better than Ford Motor Company.