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by on May.29, 2009

More BMW Changes: Mini Appoints Dutch Shop for International Campaigns

Last week while attending the third annual Mini United 50th anniversary bash in England, (more about this later) I met briefly with Herr Dr. Andeas-Christoph Hoffman, head of Mini’s marketing and advertising throughout the world.

During the course of the conversation, I casually queried the youthful Hoffman if Mini would be following the recent BMW model of appointing a new creative agency for international advertising campaigns.  “No,” he replied, noting “Our local and regional agencies are doing a good job for Mini.”

So imagine my surprise when news broke this week that a modest-sized Amsterdam, Netherlands, ad agency, BSUR, a 40-person shop organized in the late ’90′s, had been appointed to develop international campaigns for Mini. I attempted to Hoffman in Munich, but was told he was in meetings and was leaving for two weeks starting Friday.


A spokesperson at Mini confirmed that U.S. advertising will continue to be handled by Butler, Shine, and Stern & Partners in Sausalito, California, which just launched advertising for the new Mini convertible. WCRS Advertising in London, United Kingdom, will continue to handle Mini as the agency in Europe.

The name of the BSUR agency is based on a very-odd-semi-acronym for “Be aS You aRe.” This also appears to be the agency’s brand statement based on their web site proclamation which details the philosophy as, “Building a strong brand is a matter of finding yourself. Define the true essence of your brand. Unlock your values. Visualize your mentality. Then live that essence every day. Aim to get all the brand cues right.”

Among the agency clients are brands such as Bacardi, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Glaxo, Samsung and Wrangler for which it has developed various campaigns. What they do to generate new business seems to work very well. 

For a look at the agency’s positioning PowerPoint deck that could be part of their new business pitch .  

Toyota’s New Prius Commercial: Cute Animation Reigns

It seems computer generated graphic animations have become the new favorite of creative directors and producers for hybrid commercials. Vivid colors, flowers, cute designs and bucolic, verdant settings abound. Check out Toyota’s new commercial(more…)