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Project Will Open the Electric Highway

I-5 from Mexican border into Canada will have charging stations for EVs.

by on Jul.15, 2011

AeroVironment will install electric charging stations like these along Washington's I-5 and U.S. 2 as part of a project to provide regularly spaced electric charging stations.

Washington state wants you to take a ride on the Electric Highway starting in November.

The state’s Department of Transportation said it has selected AeroVironment, a California supplier of new energy solutions, to manufacture, supply, install and operate a network of nine fast-charging stations for electric vehicles along I-5 and U.S. 2. The project will cost $1 million.

Eventually, California, Oregon and Washington plan to electrify the 1,350-mile freeway from the Mexico border north into Canada as part of the West Coast Green Highway to serve the estimated 2 million electric vehicles expected to be sold in the Pacific Coast states in the next decade. Oregon is also working an electrification project for its section of the superhighway.


Think Fast! New EV Fast Charge Method Announced

Zero-to-80% charge in 15 minutes, said to be a new standard.

by on Jan.26, 2010

A new time joins the zero-to-60 mph number, minutes from depleted to mostly recharged.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Think will announce later today  that it will join with AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV) to jump-start the fast-charge infrastructure in the United States.

The announcement will come at a 15-minute news conference at the Washington Auto Show.

Fifteen minutes is the time it will take to charge a Think City electric vehicle from completely depleted to 80% using an advanced fast-charge system, establishing what Think thinks is a new benchmark for the rapidly developing electric vehicle industry.

“This is a major leap forward for electric vehicles, according to Think CEO Richard Canny. “ The development and deployment of very-fast-charge stations will help speed the electrification of automobiles in the United States and globally.”

We're Fast!

Think will also announce that it has chosen EnerDel, the Indiana-based lithium-ion battery manufacturer, to be the exclusive battery supplier for its City electric vehicles sold in the U.S. through 2012. EnerDel also will also supply at least 60% of the batteries for City electric vehicles sold in Europe.     (more…)