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BMW Takes Heat Over Vehicle Fires

Bavarian maker inflamed by ABC report.

by on May.11, 2017

Photo courtesy ABC News.

According to ABC, Taj Zaide reported his BMW caught fire minutes after he parked it at work.

Are BMW owners facing a significant risk of vehicle fires? Or has a major network simply pulled a story together using smoke and mirrors?

In a series of reports aired on such high-traffic shows as Good Morning America, World News Tonight and Dateline, ABC News says its reporters have “discovered dozens of incidents in which (BMW) cars caught fire even though owners reported they had parked their cars and turned them off.”

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For its part, a statement from BMW contends that after doing its own research on 16 vehicle fires reported by ABC, “We have not seen any pattern related to quality or component failure. Vehicle fires can result from a wide variety of external reasons unrelated to product defect.”


Toyota Takes Apart Professor Gilbert’s Testimony and ABC News Appearance – Piece by Piece

ABC News has already partially retracted the broadcast.

by on Mar.08, 2010

ABC TV did not - at a minimum - accurately describe what was depicted. The car was in neutral not drive when this footage was aired claiming to show unintended acceleration.

During a live webcast for the media this afternoon, Toyota Motors Sales U.S.A. presented in great detail what are serious charges about the “validity, methodology and credibility” of a demonstration of alleged “unintended acceleration” in a Toyota Avalon by Professor David Gilbert of Southern Illinois University in front of Congress and depicted in ABC News broadcasts and on-line segments.  (For our previous report: Click Here)

The Toyota charges are reminiscent of similar ones made by Harry Pierce of General Motors against NBC news, after GM learned that NBC news had rigged the burning of a pickup truck with explosives at the height of a controversy over side-saddle gas tanks used in GM vehicles. In that case, the president of NBC news ultimately, after much legal maneuvering, lost his job. The talking head involved is still successfully pursuing similar stories in the same sensational style. GM did, ultimately, recall the pickup trucks for leaky gas tanks.

Whether heads will roll at ABC remains to be seen, but, at a minimum, the network, which has already replaced the false footage it used in its original report on its website, will be forced to respond in detail, if not to ultimately retract its broadcast.

ABC news did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Gilbert declined comment, a new found reticence from one who was previously so publicly vocal.

Instead, ABC is covering this story – with its potentially harmful accusations against ABC on its website – as if ABC is somehow, miraculously, a disinterested bystander in this story.  for this disingenuous reply.

ABC is also using other sources, including Sean Kane, who works for product liability  lawyers as a foil against Toyota. Kane hired Gilbert to investigate Toyota it was revealed in Congressional testimony.

Make no mistake about it, ABC’s charges against Toyota – how they arose, how Gilbert came in front of  ABC’s uncritical cameras  and commentary, what fact checking ABC did, how ABC edited the damaging piece, what ABC did or didn’t  know when it aired the piece,  why its affiliates ran the piece without perspective  – is the story here.

This ABC story also calls into question, once again, the “ethics”  of broadcast news.People in my view should be mad as hell about it — until more answers are forthcoming. (Don’t hold your breath as the mainstream media will circle the wagons to protect ABC and their own similar practices.)

How Congressional Representatives act, given their long history of unaccountability, and given their comments at Toyota hearings post the Gilbert testimony – also remains to be seen.

Moreover, above all, I continue to be concerned about the owners of the recalled and other vehicles, including virtually every new car from other makers that uses electronic throttle controls, in this manic media environment.

Yes, alas yes, there are some deaths involved; but with NHTSA claiming 6,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of more injuries from distracted driving alone last year, it’s time for some badly needed perspective. Moreover, it is time for Congress and NHTSA to ban cell phone use of any kind. Now!


Unintended Acceleration Demo Tests Rigged

Gilbert Congressional testimony a sham; he rewired the signals from the pedal, Toyota claims. Same happens on other cars.

by on Mar.06, 2010

Accusations of "rigged" tests aired by news organizations have turned out to be true in Audi unintended acceleration, GM side saddle gas tank fires, and Ford Explorer rollover matters.

The multi-front battle about whether at least some Toyota unintended acceleration problems are caused by an electronic glitch, which involves politics, Congressional testimony, saturation news coverage and auto industry safety and design practices, took a new turn yesterday.

Toyota claims Congressional testimony and an ABC news appearance on February 22 from Professor David Gilbert of Southern Illinois University demonstrating  apparent “unintended acceleration” are false.

“Toyota and Exponent (an electronics consultancy also used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) have provided Professor David Gilbert of Southern Illinois University with the results of their thorough evaluations of his demonstration of apparent “unintended acceleration” in Toyota and Lexus vehicles as described in Gilbert’s Preliminary Report and in his testimony at recent Congressional hearings,” Toyota said in a statement.   (more…)